Deadpool Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

deadpool premium format figure - mainAlthough not typically a big fan of variant costumes, I did really dig Deadpool’s X-Force outfit. This premium format figure from Sideshow Collectibles captures Marvel’s nutty mercenary in all his black ops glory.

Marvel’s eccentric Merc With a Mouth is back in action!
deadpool premium format figure - close up 

Based on Sideshow’s wildly popular Deadpool Premium Format Figure, Wade Wilson trades in his red and black gear for the stylish X-Force Edition ensemble when he teams up with the underground mutant strike force of the same name. A fan of all things sharp and pointy, the zany assassin is armed with lethal twin katanas and a sheathed knife; just what he needs to take down the enemies of mutantkind and carry out mission objectives from the little yellow boxes inside his head. Fully sculpted and hand-painted atop a themed logo base, the Deadpool X-Force Edition Premium Format Figure is a guaranteed conversation starter in any collection. We hear the hard part is getting him to shut up.

Pick it up at Sideshow Collectibles here: Marvel Deadpool – X-Force Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure