Toy Fair 2015 – Ant-Man Legends With Build-A-Figure Ultron

Ant-ManThis is one of the Marvel Legends lines I’m most anticipating thanks to the massive influx of villains to add to our collections. Bulldozer was a figure originally slated for much earlier and was in a bit of limbo so it’s good to see him get released. While I typically don’t care all that much about movie figures, I’m really looking forward to grabbing the movie incarnation of Ultron. That Wasp is easily one of the best female figures we’ve seen slated for this year.

– Giant Man
– Grim Reaper (New Mold)
– Tiger Shark
– Wasp
– Bulldozer
– Movie Ant-Man

Build-A-Figure is Ultron from the Avengers: Age Of Ultron movie. Ultron Build a Figure

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