Agent Carter Recap: Agent 7, "SNAFU" #AgentCarter

agent-carter-snafu-image-peggy carter, jarvis and dooleyBoy, how much easier would things have gone down on this season of “Agent Carter” if those bumbling SSR agents just gotten out of her way and let her solve the Howard Stark investigation on her own?

We’re down to the last two episodes and things are coming to a head albeit more deliberately than I’d like simply due to Peggy having to contend with two obstacles and the bigger one may yet be her fellow SSR agents.

A lot of this week felt like running in place and further establishing plot points long since made clear — Dr. Ivchenko is a whiz at hypnosis, the SSR still underestimates Peggy, Jarvis provides a welcome bit of comic relief and any SSR agent not named Peggy Carter is largely ineffective.

agent-carter-episode-107-snafu- hayley atwellPeggy spends most of this episode under suspicion of colluding with Howard Stark. Sousa feels betrayed while Dooley is pressing for answers he seemed far closer to uncovering on his own during his solo missions this season. It felt like a serious regression of his character and not all of it should be blown off as a result of Ivchenko hypnotizing him.Peggy calls them out for their shoddy detective work and constantly overlooking her for them missing Leviathan’s real threat – Dottie. It’s hard to argue.None of the facts really gibe with Peggy being some dangerous threat or traitor.

Hayley Atwell finally gets a big scene where Peggy lays out all of her misguided co-workers. I know part of the lure of the show was watching Peggy in a non-war environment, but since her introduction in “Captain America: The First Avenger (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy),” Peggy’s been a very non-traditional female lead who’s at her best in these types of scenes that frustratingly have been in short supply this season.

Jarvis tries to help with a handwritten confession “from” Stark, which provides us more of the welcome back and forth banter with Peggy and Her Guy Jarvis. While still under SSR watch, Peggy notices Ivchenko messaging Dottie using his patented window Morse code.

agent-carter-snafu-image-thompson, peggy carter, jarvis and dooleyRealizing she’s got little time to prevent Leviathan’s plans, Peggy tells Dooley, Thompson and Sousa everything including the reveal that she has the last vial of Captain America’s blood in order to get them to check the facing building and find Dottie.

Thompson and Sousa lead a squad over to capture Dottie. Thompson says he believes Peggy and in a moment long coming, Thompson shows actual concern for Sousa and warns him to shoot Dottie immediately if he spots her. Like I said last week, it’s bad form for anyone to kill the crippled vet, so Dottie gets into a small fracas with Sousa instead of killing him like everyone else she’d encountered and escapes through the stairwell Strider-style.

Dooley is back under Ivchenko’s influence and leads him to the lab where all of Stark’s gadgets are stored. He then goes home to try and repair his marriage before being awoken by the others — he’s wearing a Stark armor prototype with a serious design flaw. It overheats and explodes. Dooley makes Peggy promise that they’ll get Ivchenko, then dives out the window as the armor explodes. I wish I cared more for these SSR deaths, but had they listened to Peggy, they could have spared themselves a lot of grief. Ivchenko and Dottie have made for great villains, but how much more fun could this season have been if they’d been around earlier?

agent-carter_season-1_episode-7_snafu-dooley and ivchenkoWith Dooley’s death, Peggy has now amazingly become the default SSR leader. Regardless of what happened to Dooley, it’s a bit of a stretch that everyone is now willing to fall in line with the SSR “traitor” all of a sudden, but fine, I fully can get behind the SSR with Peggy in a leadership role. While there’s a momentary relief after learning Ivchenko didn’t take Captain America’s blood, they’ll soon wish that was all he took.

Ivchenko sends Dottie into a movie theater with a canister that unleashes a gas that quickly sends everyone into a murderous rage. This finally explains the Battle of Finau and why Stark wanted no parts of it. I’m curious as to their end game with this gas. Seems like a better test would have been at SSR HQ than a random theater.

Just one more episode left and it all falls on Peggy to save the day and somehow manage to stop Leviathan — and how will Howard Stark play a role in it? Should be a fun action-packed finale.