The Flash Recap – Ep.14, Fallout #Flash

The Flash - Caitlin and The FlashLately, “The Flash” has gotten me so psyched from the post-credits scene, I wanted to immediately geek out about that. And man, was this one especially exciting with the tease of another Rogues alliance featuring a character I’m still shocked this show even attempted to bring from the comics, let alone doing an awesome job of working into the show. But first, it’s time to deal with the fallout from last week’s cliffhanger.

Flash managed to get Caitlin away just as Firestorm blew up … or did he?

Wells’ quantum splitter managed to keep the explosion in check and there was no excessive radiation. Best of all, Flash and Caitlin return to the blast site and find Ronnie and Dr. Stein safe, sound and separate once again.

The Flash - The Flash, Ronnie, Caitlin and Prof. SteinBut all isn’t well as Ronnie resents Stein being in control of his body during their merging and is ready to start over with Caitlin in a new place away from STAR and everything else. And there’s the little matter of Ronnie and Stein still having a connection after their split.

Iris’ reporter co-worker Mason suddenly has a renewed interest in learning what happened at STAR Labs and for some reason wants Iris’ help since she knows Wells and the gang. “The Flash” has an outstanding supporting cast, but Iris is starting to become the weak link and I’m not sure her being the plucky investigative reporter is going to help make her more vital to the weekly happenings of the show.

While coming over for weekly dinner with Joe, Iris finds Caitlin and Ronnie there as well. It was a bit annoying that everyone lied about Ronnie’s identity as it just seemed to serve the purpose of giving Iris her own storyline. Caitlin says Ronnie is her cousin Sam from Coast City. If we keep getting these subtle Green Lantern references, I’m gonna get #WeWantAGreenLanternCWShow trending. Iris is sure she’s seen Ronnie before and puts it together when she spots a blog post about The Burning Man complete with a fiery picture of Ronnie’s head.

The Flash - Stein and BarryWhile the reunions take place, Barry meets up with Joe at the old Allen household to show him the recorded images from Cisco’s device. Small problem: what happened to the cougar who was hitting on Joe and why is she suddenly fine with the mini crime scene investigation being held in her living room? Joe reveals that Barry was there as The Flash the night of his mom’s murder and it dawns on Barry that despite all his training and efforts to get faster, he’s going to fail.

Gen. Eiling is ready to acquire Firestorm and sends a squad to retrieve Ronnie, but their time as one metahuman has also granted Ronnie and Stein full Tomax and Xamot abilities so they know when the other is in pain and feel sympathy pains. Stein tips Flash off to the ambush, but Eiling was ready for Flash-interference and unleashes a device that unleashes dozens of pins that make Barry a human pincushion. Caitlin makes the save and the gang spends the night unpricking Barry.

The Flash - Gen. EilingWells meanwhile visits Eiling, who reveals he knows Barry is The Flash thanks to him taking off his mask trying to save Plastique.

Good that he has to deal with some repercussions from the idiotic old school Marvel movie move of routinely taking off his mask and forgetting he has a secret identity to protect.

Eiling wants Wells to renew their partnership and it appears Wells is game as he drugs Stein and allows Eiling to take him. Eiling wants to make meta-human soldiers that can fly and shoot flames (yeah, but can they sling a shield worth anything?) and Stein refuses, prompting a serious torture session. Eiling says the last time he did this was to a gorilla (foreshadowing alert).

The torture is enough for Ronnie to pinpoint Stein’s location and he and Flash head out to save him. Wells is worried if Stein and Ronnie merge again, it may be permanent, but then he gets the idea that if they willingly accept the merge, they’ll be alright. Flash is busy staving off another anti-Flash device that corrodes his suit so it’s up to Firestorm to save the day.

The Flash - The Flash in corroded suitEiling must have been a heck of a Boy Scout as he was prepared again, this time with an ion grenade that disrupt the Firestorm matrix. Flash speeds over to knock out Eiling and the two fly and race home in a cool superheroic conclusion.

I was very curious as to how they were gonna handle a villain who knows both their identities and has the technology to stop them. Pretty sure leaving him wasn’t in my Top 100 solutions. Good thing for both of them, someone else has a better solution.

Back at STAR Labs, Ronnie and Stein are able to split this time. To stay a step ahead of Eiling, both decide to head to Pittsburgh (Firestorm’s comic book base of operations) to seek help from another acquaintance of Stein, who hopefully has a better costume for them as well. Caitlin is OK with him leaving this time. He was ripped from her 14 months ago and now she has an identity not tied to being his fiancee. Hope for Caitlin/Barry yet?

The Flash - Ronnie and SteinIris questions Caitlin about her cousin later and Caitlin slips and says Sam left to return home to Midway City (home of Hawkman in the comics. FYI – I’d also be perfectly happy with a Hawkman show CW). Iris catches the lie and tells Mason she’s in and wants to know what went on at STAR Labs herself.

Barry meets back up with Joe and insists that he’s not going to let history repeat itself. He’s going to study the captured footage to learn what he did wrong so he can save his mother and beat The Reverse Flash.

Speaking of…

Eiling is chilling at his base when Reverse Flash zooms him to a sewer. Eiling questions his identity and is stunned to learn that Wells is a meta-human. Wells says he knows how to protect his own and says he has an old friend he’d like to re-introduce to Wells. Eiling says OMG, to which he’s greeted by a mammoth gorilla, who replies “Not God. Grodd.”

WOW, WOW, WOW. Grodd is here! He looks fantastic and we are actually getting Gorilla Grodd on “The Flash!” Even better, it looks like Wells’ duplicity won’t make it past this season as the teaser for the March 17 show hints that Team Flash will soon learn Wells’ secret. Can. Not. Wait.