Eva Mendes, Star Trek star shares bdays

Eva Mendes, Kevin Connelly ring in bdays

kevin-connollyKevin Connolly (41) – Can’t be more excited about seeing you reprise your role as E in the Entourage movie — one of the few based off a TV show that should have no problem matching the fun of the TV series.

jolene-blalockJolene Blalock (40) – Sex Tape didn’t do that hot, but there’s always scores of Star Trek: Enterprise conventions to attend until that next great movie role presents itself.

The CW Network's New York 2014 Upfront PresentationPaul Blackthorne (46) – The heartbeat of Arrow remains one of the show’s most interesting characters even after Det. Lance matured beyond vigilante opposing cop. Hopefully, he’ll be around for many more seasons.

Eva Mendes (41) – Motherhood is agreeing with the Hitch star and it seems like she’ll once again be sitting out of another installment of Fast and Furious as she isn’t slated to appear in Furious 7 or have any projects lined up for this year.

I’m a huge fan of Eva Mendes though. She absolutely can’t have enough work for me.