First look at Melissa Benoist as Supergirl

Supergirl TV costume - Melissa BenoistWait, this actually looks like a comic book costume. That’ll never work for a movie!

Supergirl TV costume 2Great job. You can instantly tell that’s Supergirl. Nice to see star Melissa Benoist dyed her hair so Supergirl is a blonde.

Now for the slight Season 2 refinements:

  • The costume needs a bit more yellow specifically in the “S” shield.
  • The black stockings look a bit out of place. A better break between the red skirt and red boots is necessary, but a darker color doesn’t help.
  • The red cape just needs to be a bit brighter and less maroon. Maybe that’s just the promo pic making it look darker.

This encouraging costume plus the continued fun that is “Arrow” and “The Flash” just provides further evidence that DC TV 2015 > DC movies 2015