Post-Convergence, Hal Jordan's makeover means no flights to Florida

Yikes. Wonder Woman’s post-Convergence look is fine, Superman’s is dull, but this may be the worst one yet.

Hal Jordan Renegade

I haven’t been reading Green Lantern after Geoff Johns left the title, but this synopsis courtesy of Uproxx has me thinking I haven’t missed anything:

“Renegade!” Beginning a new chapter in Hal Jordan’s life as he becomes the universe’s most wanted outlaw! And wait till you meet Hal’s new partner, Darlene. She’s definitely not what you’re expecting!

It also sounds like Hal has gone straight up Parallax again as in issue #40, he steals the lantern gauntlets (huh?) and beats up Kilowog. Sigh.

Hal probably should steer clear of Florida with this new outfit. Way to keep me far, far away from your books DC.

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