The Flash Rogue Time recap Ep. 16

Barry learns an important lesson about time travel as there’s just some things he can’t run away from as the Reverse Flash claims another victim and Team Flash begins to doubt Wells’ intention — again.

A lot of chatter online following last week’s OMG-packed episode was worried that everything would be reset and that everything would go back to status quo, but fortunately the writers are a lot more creative than putting Barry on an endless Edge of Tomorrow loop. I’m a huge fan of the Final Destination films as the concept of death being unavoidable is fascinating and has made for a fun franchise. Even if the characters momentarily can escape their fate, their fate has already been sealed and death comes knocking for them one way or another. This week’s episode suggests that in the Flash universe whatever will be, will be.

In his efforts to prevent Weather Wizard’s tsunami from wiping out the Central City coastline, The Flash slipped through time and arrives the day before everything goes haywire. For a speedster — or anyone else for that matter – a do-over day is a dream come true and Barry immediately wants to act on his added experience. Wells realizes why Barry can complete Cisco and Caitlin’s sentences and warns him not to tell anyone about the temporal reversion (fancy term for flashback) or to change anything he did.

The Flash - Rogue Time - Joe and BarryBarry considers Wells’ request, but upon seeing Capt. Singh, who was left paralyzed by Weather Wizard’s attack, Barry tracks him down and puts Weather Wizard in the STAR Labs prison. So we’ve got The Mist, Pied Piper and Weather Wizard now, but why do I feel like I’m missing someone? Wells is annoyed and warns Barry time will find a way to replicate the tragedy.

Initially, Barry is fine with the changes. Confident Iris will pronounce her love for him like she did previously, Barry admits to Linda he’s just not that into her and we have the easiest breakup in the history of breakups. I hope Linda won’t be a forgotten character until Wally West comes along as she provided a welcome unique female voice on the show.

[irp]Barry gets a surprise when he opens up to Iris and she not so convincingly says she’s with Eddie and Barry is making her the bad guy for always having to say it. Iris is so rattled she doesn’t have time for co-worker Mason Bridge’s pitch about Wells being responsible for Simon Stagg’s death, which set up a lot of dominoes Barry was unaware would lead to Cisco’s death in the old timeline.

After hearing about it, Eddie walks up and punches Barry with a warning not to come around Iris again. The Eddie/Iris/Barry love triangle is the subplot we don’t need to constantly revisit as there’s not a lot of options for it after Iris finally gets with Barry. Showing them pining for each other will just become too tedious and slow. Fortunately, there’s a clever resolution this week as Caitlin told Eddie and Iris that Barry is suffering from lighting psychosis and occasionally will do or say crazy stuff. Joe tells Iris she needs to make sure both Barry and Eddie know who she truly loved.

The Flash - Rogue Time - Lisa, Cisco and Captain ColdRegarding our episode title characters, Captain Cold and Heat Wave are back with two things on their mind: getting money and payback on Flash. To help their efforts, Cold’s sister, Lisa (Peyton List), joins the cause and lures Cisco to her place. The CW hero shows’ odd anti-blonde stance continues as Lisa removes the comic accurate blonde hair to reveal her actual brunette hair. Cold wants Cisco to get their weapons back and to encourage him, Cold has kidnapped Cisco’s piano playing brother Dante.

Lisa wants in on the weapon accessories as well. I suppose her ice-skating Golden Glider persona won’t translate well from the comics, but her gun that shoots a gold-like substance isn’t a good stand-in especially since it negates the need for the Rogues to commit any crimes. Why bother when you’ve got a gold gun? The Rogues need a bit more variety in their ranks.

Flash stops Cold and Glider from robbing a casino, but Cold reveals they’ve got Cisco and Barry is forced to let them go. While the Butterfly Effect could be disastrous for spoiling future events, Barry pleads with Wells to listen to what he experienced and he shares about Iris declaring her love, Joe being hurt, Singh nearly getting killed and Weather Wizard killing hundreds. Wells is always great for at least one weekly remark hinting at his sinister alter ego. This week is a doozy: Imagine the havoc you could wreak if you could travel decades or even centuries.

[irp]Realizing Flash will be a constant nuisance, Cold asks Cisco for Flash’s identity and to show he means business, sprays Dante with his cold gun just enough to trigger frostbite to Dante’s money makers. Cisco returns to STAR and tells them he told Barry’s secret. While Barry assures him he has nothing to worry about, Cisco says he can’t put Barry in jeopardy again and is leaving. First timeline, he leaves due to a vibrating hand through the chest. This week it’s because he snitched. There’s no escape Barry.

Before Cisco packs up, Wells has a pep talk to encourage him to stay down by the particle drive where last week, Wells killed him. To sweeten the scene, some of the exact dialogue Wells used such as considering Cisco a son, is intact but with a far different outcome. Cisco’s curiosity doesn’t get sparked by Barry sharing Iris’ concerns after Mason suggests that Wells can’t be trusted so in this timeline, Cisco comes back with Wells by his side.

The Flash - Rogue Time - The Flash and Golden GliderCold and the others are trying to seize the mob casino money when Flash grabs Cold. Barry appeals to Cold’s code and they reach an agreement of sorts. Cold and the rest of his Rogues, which Barry actually names, won’t kill anyone and Cold won’t reveal Barry’s identity for now.

This was an important element of the Flash/Rogues dynamic and helps differentiate them from Flash’s more murderous foes like Gorilla Grodd … and Reverse Flash, who pays Mason a visit and destroys his files before vibrating his hand through Mason’s chest. Again, the actions are unavoidable no matter what Flash does.

At STAR Labs, Barry and Wells are chatting about the time swap when Barry sees an update on Mason being reported missing. This time, that’s the moment Barry begins to wonder how much he should be trusting his mentor. Post-credits, Barry tells Joe he may have been right about Wells all along. Uh-oh.

As a follow-up to last week’s show, this was an ideal example of the rules for ‘The Flash’ concerning time travel. It’ll be very interesting to see Joe and Barry’s next move and how that builds to the season finale.