4 Reasons why The All-New Avengers may be its best roster yet

All New All Different AvengersUnlike their DC counterparts, Marvel Comics has hit the sweet spot of shaking up its universe while not ticking off longtime readers. I can speak from experience as my DC Comic purchases dropped dramatically after the New 52 debuted and Marvel’s changing directions convinced me to give more of their books a try and I haven’t regretted either decision yet.

Marvel is unleashing its big universe shifting event — Secret Wars — and we’ve already got a preview of one of the biggest fallouts from the event the All-New, All-Different Avengers. And it’s a pretty kick tail lineup sure to appeal to longtime fans, movie fans and folks who want a comic team featuring characters that resemble them.

Wired UK posted an official version of the cover, which will be Marvel’s big showcase effort for Free Comic Book Day on May 2, coincidentally the day after ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ debuts in theaters. And there’s plenty of reasons to suspect this could go down as one of the most promising lineups in team history.

The Big 3 = Avenger lineup credibility

Avengers Big 3 - Iron Man, Captain America and ThorAt its core, the Avengers has to have the Big 3. A team without at least 2 of them can be decent, but all of the best Avengers’ stories have all three.

avengers-now- Captain America, Thor and Iron ManWith Cap, Thor and Iron Man, it’s a legitimate Avengers team no matter if the rest of the lineup included Squirrel Girl, D-Man, Spot and the SHIELD agent playing Galaga.

But this group will have a new dynamic and will this version of Cap, Thor and Iron Man (just who is in that armor anyway?) have as tight a bond as the original incarnation?

This Spider-Man addition makes sense

Miles Morales as Spider-ManI was never a fan of old down on his luck Peter Parker joining the Avengers. His inclusion, along with Wolverine, Daredevil, The Thing, etc. was Marvel’s attempt to make The Avengers the Justice League and it never really clicked for me.

The worst kept secret is one of Secret War’s main purposes is to bring the popular Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales into the same universe as the 616 Marvel heroes.

As a younger Spider-Man establishing himself it makes sense to join up with the preeminent team in the Marvel U.

The Avengers bring in some new female blood

Who doesn’t love Wasp, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk and Captain Marvel? They’re the female equivalent of the Avengers’ Big 3 and you’d be hard pressed not to find a classic Avengers story that doesn’t feature at least two of them. But it’s time the team got a shot in the arm with some new arrivals who can establish their own big stories.

Ms. Marvel KamalaAnd fans already LOVE these characters. Since the arrival of the new Thor, the book has jumped up in sales 30 percent and 16-year-old Pakistani-American Kamala Khan’s adventures as Marvel Comics’ first Muslim headlining character continues to bring in more fans as her debut issue went to a seventh printing and digital sales are even better.

This is Marvel’s answer to Evolution

all-new-all-different-avengers-assemble-ms marvel, miles morales and novaIn the WWE, one its most dominant factions was Evolution comprised of members representing the past (Ric Flair), present (Triple H) and the future (Randy Orton and Batista). This Avengers team definitely gives that same kind of vibe with longtime Avengers in Vision and Iron Man; Cap Falcon and Thor as the present and Nova, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel signaling the bright future of Marvel heroes. It should make for a fun dynamic and readers unfamiliar with the Avengers’ teen titans, they’re going to quickly be won over.