Agents of SHIELD: One Door Closes recap – S2,Ep.15

Agents of SHIELD goes completely Spy vs. Spy tonight as the SHIELD factions come head to head. Oh, and Skye does super powered stuff too.

Seems like ‘Arrow’ deserves royalties every time a comic book show uses flashbacks. This time, the way back machine looks back at the day SHIELD fell when Hydra took over in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ (see also: when the show got awesome).

CORNELIUS SMITH JR., ADRIANNE PALICKI, EDWARD JAMES OLMOS, HENRY SIMMONSMack and some of his engineer crew are being held at gunpoint by Hydra soldiers when Bobbi and Izzy (Lucy Lawless) make the save. They’re operating under orders by Nick Fury to save SHIELD by destroying the aircraft carrier to prevent Hydra from getting the secrets and to rescue Gonzales. Getting him to safety will prove tricky as a Hydra goon stabbed him in the leg with an axe for those curious as to how he got that limp.

In current day, Coulson is letting Mack get a look under Lola’s hood (only in this show’s context could that not sound weird) when he drops the façade and questions Mack about his loyalties. Mack says he’s with SHIELD, but Coulson isn’t buying it and has the mechanic stand-ins draw their guns on him. Just as Coulson realizes Mack’s co-conspirator, Bobbi is in Coulson’s office grabbing Fury’s toolbox.

Agents of SHIELD - One Door Closes - Coulson questions MackMay confronts her and we get the Alpha Woman throw down dream match with neither gaining a clear advantage. SHIELD does the hand to hand fight scenes better than most shows as it’s always clear enough to make out what’s happening. Realizing time is at a premium, Bobbi triggers an EMP, which allows her enough of a distraction to get the toolbox and evade May. Mack also makes use of the distraction to get free.

While on the run, Bobbi runs into Simmons, who’s clueless about her true loyalty frantically asking what they should do as she looks for a device that can stop the EMP. Simmons fools everyone though suckering Bobbi in with her rambling to trick her into holding a device that knocks her out. Just as Fitz finds Bobbi’s device, Mack locates him and saves him from an explosion. SHIELD Ver. 2 has invade the base!


As most of Coulson’s team is quickly rounded up, there’s no trace of May, who’s gone into hiding. Did anyone else get a Wolverine on the loose after the Hellfire Club ambush feel?

Since the show doesn’t work without its star, we leave the exciting SHIELD manhunt to focus on Skye, who’s isolated in the SHIELD safe house considering if she should use the glove restraints Simmons sent to help control her powers. She gives them a whirl, but hears a sound outside and starts checking the windows and the front door. As long as no one is wearing a sheep or wolf mask you’re OK, Skye.

Agents of SHIELD - One Door Closes - GordonIt’s Inhuman-crawler (Jamie Harris, who in five minutes showed more personality than some of the series regulars) who teleports in and introduces himself as Gordon. Gonna need him to work on that. Where’s Cisco to come up with some better names for these guys? Gordon starts to give Skye the Inhumans’ pitch about how she can better learn to control her powers, be accepted, blah blah, but realizes she’s not ready to accept it all yet. When Skye’s ready, he’ll come back for her. Skye listens to Gordon’s advice and ditches the glove and amazingly starts honing her powers. That was some pep talk.

More flashbacks reveal Izzy is every bit the bad a$$ that Bobbi and May is and she has a preference with using knives. So outside of Hawkeye, Ward and possibly Trip, no dude at SHIELD is getting anywhere near the training of the female agents, are they? Izzy said she spoke with Victoria Hand and they’ve resumed control of SHIELD HQ so they could do the same with the carrier.

Agents of SHIELD - One Door Closes - SHIELD ver. 2 - Izzy, Gonzales, Bobbi and MackGonzales says Fury’s orders were to detonate it at all costs even at the expense of still loyal SHIELD agents. Bobbi says they’ve got to approach things differently and they all agree to fight off Hydra and recapture the carrier, explaining why SHIELD ver.2 has the carrier and so many more troops than Coulson’s crew.

Now that SHIELD v.2 has taken control, Gonzales meets with Coulson, who is already familiar with him as he tried to locate him after SHIELD fell. Gonzales wants Coulson to willingly open Fury’s toolbox to help put an end to the threats to SHIELD. Before he can explain the “or else” bit, May storms in and rescues Coulson, providing enough of a distraction so he can escape the base. May warns Coulson that they’re going after Skye.

May’s warning arrives too late as Bobbi and Agent Calderon (Kirk Acevedo) lead a squad to the safe house. Nice to see a regular SHIELD grunt hold their own against Skye for a little while, but since girls run the (SHIELD) world, Skye gets the upper hand only to get confronted by Bobbi and Calderon. Not taking any chances, Calderon shoots at Skye, but she uses her power to push back the bullet…and a tree…and Bobbi and Calderon.

Agents of SHIELD - One Door Closes - Skye using powersSeemed like a serious stretch that Skye’s power could shatter a tree and just knock the agents down. Calderon has a tree shard in his chest/shoulder and it’s uncertain if he’s still alive. As she realizes what she’s done, Skye calls Gordon, who instantly appears and whisks her away. Judging by what happened, doesn’t that prove Skye really is as dangerous as SHIELD ver.2 thinks she is?

Post credits, Coulson is at beach resort where he rendezvous with Hunter, who officially signs on with Coulson and wants to know the next step.

Solid outing this week despite the show’s insistence that Skye is so fascinating that for the second consecutive season she gets a separate storyline while the others deal with an invasion. Since we’re not likely to get a ton of answers regarding the Inhumans next week, the SHIELD war should hopefully be the main focus for at least one week.