20 comic book movie and TV trivia questions for the hardcore fanboys

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Just in time for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ test your ultimate fanboy knowledge and see how you rate.

1. It wasn’t magical when these two Batman stars clashed over Lex Luthor in this 2012 film.

2. This DC character is the only comic book star to only be played on the big screen by Oscar winning actors. Name the character and the three actors.

tony-stark-hulk3. Tony Stark and the agent behind the Red Skull share the same birthdays

4. True or False: The Avengers films boast more Oscar nominated stars than The Dark Knight trilogy?

The Flash - Plastique - Flash5. ‘The Flash’ recently did it, but name the comic book show that worked in cameos from stars of a previous incarnation of the hero on TV.

6. Name five people who have held the name Captain Marvel

7. This Avengers genius designed the Quinjets and Falcon’s flying harness

8. In live-action, I was a villain, but in the animated universe I was the fastest hero alive.

erica-durance-smallville hot9. Based on their comic shows, who has been romantically involved with more of the Justice League: Lois Lane or Felicity Smoak

chris evans captain america10. Besides Captain America, name Chris Evans’ five other comic book roles.

11. I’m a cut above the competition when it comes to starring in comic book movies. Who am I and name the movies I’ve starred in.

12. I was a burn victim, a stand-in and now I sit on the throne. Who am I?

Iron Man Rise of Technovore The Punisher13. Name the three actors who’ve taken a shot at this Punishing role

14. While actors who’ve played Batman, Catwoman, Alfred, Two-Face and Lucius Fox have all won Oscars, which actor actually won an Oscar as a comic book character?

15. This comic book character directly influenced one of the most popular acts during wrestling’s Monday Night Wars. Name the character and the wrestler.

16. In each of his three comic book roles this actor has caused serious pain with a sword or a knife. Name him and the movies

thanos and infinity gauntlet marvel movie17. Thanos wants to court death and uses the Infinity Gauntlet to win her love. What are the six stones needed to fully utilize it?

18. Besides Clark Gregg, name three MCU actors who have appeared on Agents of SHIELD

hugh jackman wolverine19. What is the name of the ultimate metal in the Marvel Universe used in Wolverine’s claws?

20. Name three comic book characters whose race was changed in a movie/TV show?

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