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Daredevil Ep. 11 – ‘The Path of the Righteous’

Daredevil - The Path of the Righteous - Karen and Wesley

In its last two episodes, ‘Daredevil’ has transitioned from a gritty Marvel take on ‘The Sopranos’ to a ‘Game of Thrones’ saga where the only thing predictable is the unexpected.

With this episode, one character made a shocking power move killing a pivotal character in a act sure to have major repercussions that might make decapitation by car door look tame.

Daredevil - The Path of the Righteous - KarenOne of the more fascinating aspects this season has been Karen and her single-minded obsession over a man. Unlike 99% of TV shows, Karen’s focus isn’t on a romantic interest, but bringing Wilson Fisk to justice. It’s made her a bit of a one-note character as seemingly the only thing she cares about is Fisk. Her rattling the birdcage to track down Fisk’s mother and get Urich to write a story to prove that Fisk is a liar seems desperate, but her subplot delivered a legitimate shocker.

Matt is still recovering from his injuries while Foggy is still nursing his betrayed heart. Both find some comfort in female company. For Matt, that means another visit from Claire where she cleans his wounds and clears the air on their ‘relationship.’

Daredevil - The Path of the Righteous - ClaireThat resolution was needed as it felt like Claire just dropped out of the show just as her relationship with Matt was getting interesting.

Foggy meanwhile has a hot one-night stand with his icy attorney ex Marci (Amy Rutberg). She’s frosty and a total witch regarding Foggy’s problems with Matt, but she’s hot and Foggy deserved some fun after getting friend-zoned by Karen and Matt lying to him. Both got confronted by Karen who wanted them to do something about her latest discovery and were less than receptive.

Matt finally got off the couch and decided to address his wardrobe problems. Recalling his fight with Fisk, Matt remembered slashing him with a sword, but failing to draw blood thanks to the lightweight mesh armor fabric in his suit. Determined to track Fisk’s tailor down, Matt chases down Turk and gets the address of Melvin Potter.

Daredevil - The Path of the Righteous - Daredevil vs Melvin Potter

Melvin isn’t feeling all that hospitable though and starts brawling with Matt, who barely manages to subdue him long enough to get Melvin to make him a suit in exchange for assuring that Fisk won’t threaten anyone he loves any more. Namely Beth.

Fisk is far more preoccupied at the moment standing vigil at Vanessa’s bedside. Leland tries to steal the episode asking if he should be worried about his health since he held a glass with some of the poisoned champagne. Daredevil - The Path of the Righteous - Wesley and FiskWesley is in prime problem-solving mode when Fisk asks him to return a call … to Momma Fisk. She remembered the guest who came by to visit her and Wesley realizes he needs to have a talk with Karen Page.

Karen is down after her pals have in essence blown her off and calls Urich for a pep talk. She thanks Urich for being there for her even if he doesn’t think they should pursue the story, but just as she gets to her doorstep, someone approaches and knocks her out.

Karen awakens at a table in an isolated warehouse as Wesley approaches. The lighting in this scene is beautiful and perfect for this intimate conversation. Wesley questioned if Karen was going to be a problem and places his gun on the table as a warning. He tells Karen she’s going to convince Urich she was way off base with Fisk and if she refuses, Wesley is going to have Urich killed, then Foggy and Matt before he finally has her killed.

Before Wesley can finish smugly basking in his threat, Fisk calls, distracting Wesley long enough for Karen to grab the gun. Wesley still acts like he’s got the upper hand though asking if Karen really thinks he’d put a loaded gun in front of her. She calls his bluff and as he lunges, Karen shoots him again and again and again! Whoa! Karen just killed Wesley!

Daredevil - The Path of the Righteous - Karen shoots WesleyBetween Vanessa’s poisoning and Wesley’s death, Fisk is not going to be in a good mood.

Wesley seemed like he still had a lot of storytelling potential and I was questioning if he wasn’t secretly maneuvering behind Fisk’s back, but his abrupt removal from the board reveals that no one save Matt Murdock is safe in this show and that makes every episode of this final arc must-see thanks to this truly surprising turn of events.

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