Agents of SHIELD: Dirty Half Dozen – S2, Ep.19

This was late as I was catching the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ screening last night. Too bad then as this episode led in nicely to Marvel’s big summer blockbuster.

The show has lost some momentum after the Inhumans reveal, but there was some reason for optimism by the end of tonight’s show.
Coulson allowed himself to be brought in to SHIELD 2.0 so he could strike a deal with Gonzalez and also not call attention to whatever secret Gonzalez is hiding in the cargo hold. (Mysterious cliffhanger).

agents-of-shield-dirty-half-dozen-skyeIn Afterlife, Skye is pestering Gordon and Jiaying about going back to rescue Lincoln, but she learns every Inhuman can get left behind under Jiaying’s watch. Raina, now finally accepting her destiny as a Dark Lord of the Sith, is apparently done with her pity party and is back to her manipulating ways. She uses her prognosticating powers to convince Skye to leave Afterlife in order to rescue Lincoln. Having calmed down after his banishment that didn’t stick, Cal warns Jiaying that Raina’s dangerous and can’t be trusted. This of course came after Cal blew up Jiaying’s spot about Skye being her daughter, which Jiaying warned Skye could have repercussions since she cut the Terrigan Mist line.

Coulson needs help and Gonzalez allows him the use of a SHIELD Quinjet in exchange for Fury’s toolbox. May confronts Coulson about the Theta Protocol, but he blows that off saying they all have secrets. May is more upset that Coulson went to her ex-husband Andrew, but he explains that away saying Andrew was the only therapist he could trust for his alien scribbling issues. Hunter’s hurt and can’t go on the mission, so Coulson has to bring the original team back together and hey Gordon teleported Skye in so the whole gang’s here.

agents-of-shield-dirty-half-dozen-ward, bobbi, coulson, gonzalez and mayI really didn’t like the Grant Ward Rehabilitation Tour 2015. That’s always been the problems with great comic book villains — somebody’s always trying to make them good guys. Our first clue comes as Ward doesn’t want Kara tagging along on the mission as he wants her to learn more about her old self while she’s at SHIELD HQ. Ward says he’s an independent contractor trying to make amends. For which part? Killing Koenig? Victoria Hand? Dropping Fitz and Simmons in the ocean or killing countless SHIELD agents alongside Garrett?

Thankfully, original Team SHIELD wasn’t in the forgiving mood after Ward delivers a heartfelt apology and Simmons of all people was waiting for an opening so she could kill him. Hunter accepts Mack’s apology though so hopefully Mack can ditch this crew and join Bobbi and Hunter’s spinoff.

CHLOE BENNET, ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE, BRETT DALTON, SIMON KASSIANIDESThis episode featured some terrific fight scenes namely Skye’s one-woman Inhuman assault force on Hydra forces. Again, I’m begging whatever surviving Hydra agents out there to ditch the black jumpsuits for some evil green tracksuits. She jumpstarts Lincoln’s heart in a clever use of his powers and all’s well with our budding Inhumans romance.

As the battle winds down, Simmons sizes up Ward for the disintegration bomb, but the still under compliance Bakshi sacrifices himself to save Ward. That was some strong brainwashing! Ward tells Simmons he’s disappointed in her in one of the night’s best lines. Ward calls Coulson and says he never expected the team to forgive him (because they shouldn’t) but Kara does deserve a second chance. Ward tried to help her, but there just wasn’t enough good left inside him as she deserves better. Geesh so now Coulson has to deliver Ward’s ‘it’s not you, it’s me being a homicidal nut-job’ break-up message? And I thought running after Avengers’ artifacts was demeaning work!

Skye is sitting teary-eyed at Lincoln’s bedside at SHIELD HQ begging him to wake up, but her quick attachment to him doesn’t feel that well-earned just yet. Gonzalez reveals to Bobbi he signed off on Coulson’s plan so he could have an enhanced person on base to observe.

agents-of-shield-dirty-half-dozen-hunter and mackHalf-truths run in SHIELD though as Coulson wasn’t simply interested in shutting down this Hydra base like he told Gonzalez. The real mission was tracking down Loki’s specter, which is now in possession of Baron Von Strucker. Now armed with that knowledge, Coulson calls Maria Hill so she can alert The Avengers.

In Afterlife, Jiyang warns Raina not to manipulate folks with her visions again, but just as Raina starts challenging Jiaying’s leadership she gets a vision of immense power and men of metal that are tearing the world apart. Would one of them happen to be named Ultron?

agents-of-shield-dirty-half-dozen-maria hillThis wasn’t a heavy handed tie-in to ‘Age of Ultron,’ and flowed along with the show’s current events just fine. Hopefully Ward won’t keep trying to stay on the side of angels and when he returns next time it will be in a more adversarial role. The teaser for next week hints that Shield and The Inhumans might be going to war, which could helpfully explain their absence until their feature film and further Skye’s abandonment issues.