Hot Toys reveals Batman Returns Batman and Bruce Wayne figure set

Hot Toys Batman Returns figure - main picThis is a very solid set and getting in on the Batman Returns figures now may pay off instead of playing catch-up. Hopefully we’ll see Catwoman and Penguin very soon.

Batman is here! In the second installment of the Batman series directed by Tim Burton, Michael Keaton reprised the role of the caped crusader to protect Gotham City again from terrible fates. His amazing portrayal of the iconic character in this darker take on the superhero set the high standard for the future appearances of the dark knight on the silver screen!

Today, Hot Toys is delighted to present a special 1/6th scale collectible figures set featuring Batman and Bruce Wayne from the classic Batman Returns!

The movie-accurate Batman Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on the image of Michael Keaton as the iconic character Batman, featuring a newly developed masked head sculpt with separate rolling eyeballs and interchangeable lower faces, a specially created Batsuit, highly detailed Batman gadgets, and a LED light-up figure base.

The movie-accurate Bruce Wayne collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in the film highlighting the newly developed head sculpt and a finely tailored suit with great details.

The collectible figures set will specially include a bonus broken cowl, Batman fans don’t miss the opportunity to add the dark knight and his alter ego to your collection!

Order it from Sideshow Collectibles now: DC Comics Batman and Bruce Wayne DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure Set