‘The Cult’ — novel explores the human potential

Jason R. Mink The Cult coverAs a contributing writer on The Fwoosh, I have the pleasure of working with some very talented folks who share similar interests in pretty much all things pop culture. Every so often some of us tap even deeper into our skills for a passion project like my pal Jason R. Mink, who wrote his first novel: ‘The Cult.’

“I wrote The Cult because I had to,” Jason said. “After a period of intense spiritual and psychological exploration I found myself at an impasse. The questions I asked had only led to more questions. The answers I sought were either non-existent or obscured beneath so many layers of interpretation as to be useless to me.

With no other choice, I did what humankind has always done when faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem: I imagined my way out of it. The Cult is the end result of this problem-solving, an exploration into human potential and the dangerous road it may us lead down.”

Here’s the synopsis:

When the Dadan Indians discovered what grew in the underground caves, they made it a sacrament. When the Ashton family re-discovered it a century later, they used it as a doorway. Now something waits on the other side of that doorway, a vast and malefic intelligence that feeds on human potential and threatens all existence. Can seven college students on summer break stop this primal force from reshaping reality in its own image, or will they be the first to fall before it’s limitless power?

I can already see the feature film version of this one as the premise sounds like a lot of fun. So if you’re in the mood to check out some new reading material and want to help an aspiring novelist get his big break, check out The Cult at Amazon.