Hot Toys reveals ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Iron Man Mark XLV figure

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark XLV figure - wide pic

Hot Toys revealed another slew of Iron Man armors for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’ I liked this final battle armor, but I’m torn which of the two I want to represent my ‘AOU’ version. I was hoping Hot Toys would reveal its Scarlet Witch to go along with the new Vision figure, but I’ll have to hold out hope she and Quicksilver are coming next.

For now, let’s look at Iron Man!

In Marvel’s latest box office topping blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark donned the brand Iron Man Mark XLV new armor with a new female Artificial Intelligence Friday for the Avengers’ final showdown with Ultron!

Many fans are fascinated with this new Iron Man Mark XLV armor’s unique streamline and extremely sleek design! And today, Hot Toys is very excited to officially present the collectible figure that many fans and collectors have been craving for – the 1/6th scale Mark XLV Collectible Figure!

The Iron Man Mark XLV is the 300th Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series collectible figure and it is also the latest addition to our MMS Diecast Series which the collectible figures are made of diecast material, and realistically designed to look even more like the armor as it appears in the film.

The movie-accurate Iron Man Mark XLV Collectible Figure is highly detailed and sophisticatedly crafted based on the image of the armor in the film featuring a meticulously sculpted armored body, specially applied metallic red, gold and silver colored paint with weathered effects, LED light-up Arc Reactor with hexagonal-shaped indent on chest, and a specially designed diorama base with a detachable damaged Ultron Sentry (Prime)!

This all-new streamline designed Iron Man will be the perfect addition to your Avengers: Age of Ultron collection!

You can order him from Sideshow Collectibles here:
Marvel Mark XLV Marvel Sixth Scale Figure