Ant-Man Marvel Legends invade SDCC

AntMan Figures

While I thought the Doctor Strange Marvel Legends set would be the highlight for Marvel Legends collectors, Hasbro has a big surprise for Hank Pym fans.

Yahoo revealed Hasbro’s SDCC plans for the ever-enlarging Ant-Man universe. Playing up the Ant-Man gimmick, Hasbro has an unarticulated 0.75-inch figure. The $9.99 mini Ant-Man is based on the film version and features a matchbox-style package.

The big news though is Hasbro has a five-pack coming with a 12″ Giant Man (to match the Marvel Legends 6″ Giant Man), 6″ Goliath, 3.75″ Hank Pym (with lab coat and swappable heads — an Ant-Man repurposed with a Hank Pym head) and a 1.5″ Scott Lang/Ant-Man and 1″ Hank Pym/Ant-Man.

I’m a big fan of this set as it quickly provides collectors a 12″ Giant Man counterpart for the recent release as well as provides a 6″ version of the 12″ Goliath figure released years ago. The packaging is pretty cool as it’s shaped like Ant-Man’s head complete with moving antennae. Get it at SDCC for $64.99 or try your luck on hasbrotoyshop afterwards.