Chris Pratt visits Children’s Hospital, reenacts ‘Jurassic World’ to remind us he’s awesome

Chris Pratt at Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital - doing raptor poseYou’ll see a lot of actors making the rounds on talk shows and maybe even some decent ones will make some gesture of goodwill to some charity or group in need while promoting their latest movie.

Chris Pratt Jurassic World raptor sceneChris Pratt, thankfully is not the normal actor, and he continues showing that not only is he the king of the box office, but one of the best human beings working in Hollywood.

As ‘Jurassic World’ continues devouring box office records, Pratt isn’t devoting all his time reading new offerings and plotting his next project. On June 20, Pratt visited Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital to spend some time with the young patients and re-enact some scenes from his latest blockbuster.

Pics credit: Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital Facebook page

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