Lucha Underground recap – 5-27-15

Lucha Underground - Fenix vs Mil MuertesPrince Puma finally defends his title against Hernandez, Mil Muertes resumes his feud with Fenix,while The Crew finds itself facing real grave consequences on a crazy episode of ‘Lucha Underground.’

With her training now complete — as in a Luke Skywalker ditching Yoda before it’s really finished in an ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ kinda way — Black Lotus is heading to The Temple when Chavo Guerrero tells her the most effective revenge is by doing it in the ring for the world to see. Interesting logic…

Chavo says his grandfather was there when Cuerto killed her parents adding there’s serious history between the Cuerto and Guerrero families as well. I’m still not sure how this will payoff, but the writers are certainly making me curious to see it play out each week.

Aersostar vs. Johnny Mundo

Lucha Underground May 27 - Melissa SantosMelissa Santos looks ridiculously hot tonight. I’m aware this is not news, but I wanted to note it all the same. Matt Striker again notes the irony of Aerostar losing the Best of 5 series to Drago, but coming out alright since he’s still employed.

Mundo slightly tweaks his offense to be less flashy with the high-flying moves and in an interesting take, the commentators aren’t condemning Mundo for his actions against Alberto El Patron — instead suggesting that his newfound killer instinct might be exactly what he needed to get to the top. The fans however are far less appreciative and are firmly siding against Mundo, who despite his moveset, is far better suited as a heel. Aerostar has surprising chemistry with Mundo and they have a nice back and forth matchup before Mundo gets a hard-fought win with End of the World.

Lucha Underground - Aerostar vs Johnny MundoRating: 3 stars Mundo is wrestling at a career best level right now and he is shining in this showcase role on LU and it’s getting to the point he can’t have a bad match.

This was a lot more fun than I expected and I’d love to see these two tangle again. They had about seven minutes, but I’d be thrilled to see them get even more time.

Vampiro interviews Sexy Star about her ongoing feud with Pentagon Jr. I appreciate LU not trying to force everyone to be fluent in English and just using subtitles as necessary. She seemed to overreact to Vampiro’s concern questioning if he would ask the same questions if she was a man. No, Sexy, that’s because Pentagon Jr. is an arm-breaking psycho. Not that I want her to leave LU, but I’d love to see Sexy Star face Sasha Banks at some point.

Lucha Underground title: Prince Puma (champion) vs. Hernandez

Given the classic old school build for this match, I’m a little surprised this didn’t go on last and is instead billed as a co-main event. Hernandez debuts new ring attire that’s kinda reminiscent of Seth Rollins’ ring entrance outfit. I’m not a fan as it doesn’t convey that same rough and ready to rumble look of his non-traditional attire.

Puma has such a smoothness and crispness to his moves and Hernandez is a great matchup for him with their clash in styles of power vs speed. Konnan has settled nicely into the manager role and actually gives worthwhile advice as opposed to the standard heel manager.

Lucha Underground -Prince Puma vs HernandezHernandez takes a nasty chairshot counter to a tope and Puma follows up with a beautiful Space Flying Tiger Drop. After a border toss to the ring apron, Puma recovers and counters a powerbomb attempt into an incredible flip from the guardrail. Although this is just their first match together, Puma and Hernandez have very solid chemistry. Puma unleashes a flurry of jaw-dropping kicks to Hernandez’ head and that’s enough to stagger him so Puma can hit the 720 splash for the win.

Rating: 4 out of 5. Like Mundo, Puma seems incapable of having a bad match with anyone and Hernandez was a terrific matchup for him. Puma continues to prove a worthy title holder for the company and this feud and match with Hernandez once again proved why he’s one of the few must-see attractions in wrestling today.

Death Match: Mil Muertes vs. Fenix

It’s the latest chapter of one of Lucha Underground’s most buzzed about feuds. Muertes comes out with a whole entourage including the trio of creepy skull masked dudes and Catrina, who could pretty much raise the dead from that dress alone.

Lucha Underground May 27 - Catrina , Faces of Death and Mil MuertesI loved the story of this match. In their earlier matches, Fenix was able to use his quickness to keep Muertes off guard while somehow managing to withstand Muertes’ biggest knockout moves. This time, Fenix can’t get nearly enough separation for his hit and run offense and Muertes keeps barely avoiding a homicide charge. Striker has a great line saying if this match were a video game, Muertes’ power bar would still be green.

Fenix gets some momentum and hits a crazy double stomp from the guardrail to the floor, but his advantage doesn’t last long and Muertes just goes off. After hip tossing Fenix to the outside, Muertes squashes him with a splash from the top turnbuckle, lays him out with some stiff chairshots before running him up the Temple steps to the platform area.

The spots have been so insane lately, I was legitimately worried Muertes was just going to powerbomb Fenix into the ring from the platform. Thankfully he ‘just’ powerbombed him through the platform(!). The Faces of Death carry Fenix back to the ring in time for a Flatliner that mercifully ends the match.

Lucha Underground May 27 - Catrina over FenixRating: 3.5 out of 5. Unlike the earlier clash of power vs. speed, this wasn’t much as a back and forth, but a tremendous showcase to get Muertes over as the dominant unstoppable force in LU and a serious threat for Prince Puma if he sets his sights on the LU title.

Epilogue: Dario Cueto promised The Crew there would be some repercussions if they failed to capture the Trios Title from Angelico, Son of Havoc and Ivilesse in a ladder match. Have to appreciate that Cueto’s a man of his word.

Cueto says he will show some mercy and let them decide who will suffer the wrath of his brother. Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco quickly decide Bael gets the short straw and they grab his arms and push him to the cage containing Cueto’s crazy big brother.

Lucha Underground - Dario Cuerto and Mister CiscoWe’ve been used to suspensions, firings, humiliating demotions and even ‘Kiss my Ass’ punishments, but the Cuerto family takes things a bit more seriously and from the blood spewing on Castro and Mr. Cisco we can only assume Bael just got murdered. Well, that escalated.

Not quite sure how I feel about the ending since I liked The Crew as a three-man unit and the implied murder seemed a bit too over the top for what’s largely been a fun (and frequently violent) wrestling show. That is certainly a permanent way to write someone off the show.

Crazy ending aside, there may not have been a better hour of wrestling so far this year than this episode with two very good matches and another wild Fenix/Mil Muertes collision.

Photos credit: El Rey Network