Ben Affleck starring, writing and directing Batman standalone

High quality Ben Affleck as BatmanThis news coming out of SDCC is far more intriguing than whatever cameo role Ben Affleck has in ‘Suicide Squad.’

According to reports, Affleck will be teaming up with DC Comics guru Geoff Johns for the first Batman standalone since Christopher Nolan’s much loved trilogy.

And because we can all recite it by heart — parents shot killed, criminals cowardly lot yeah yeah — this won’t be yet another retelling of the Batman origin. That’s the part I’m most excited about. Hopefully, Johns and Affleck dip into the Batman Rogues gallery a bit more to come up with a villain we haven’t yet seen on the big screen.

First up of course, we’ll be seen Affleck make his Bat-debut in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ on March 25.