Captain America, Spider-Man highlight Marvel Legends SDCC reveals

Gwen BenConsidering Hasbro revealed a Misty Knight, a Machine Man and an entire wave of Ant-Man Marvel Legends, they didn’t really have to reveal a lot at San Diego Comic Con to already have a banner year. And for the most part, SDCC was pretty understated, but there were still a number of fun reveals.

Captain America

Since Cap is next in line for a solo movie with ‘Civil War’ next year it makes sense that he gets another spotlight wave. This time the Build A Figure is the Onslaught Red Skull featured in Uncanny Avengers. That’s a great BAF for folks who want a figure of a current Marvel menace capable of battling a whole team, but the problem is Hasbro didn’t reveal any X-Men figures specifically UA members Havok, Rogue or Sunfire.

We didn’t get the full wave shown, which was a bit disappointing, but the lack of chainmail for Classic Cap’s costume still means the Toy Biz Face Off version will still have the prime spot in my display. On the positive side we do get a Mockingbird, with one of the best translations from a comic I’ve seen from the line. Not a huge fan of this look for Taskmaster as I’d love an updated version of the original costume, but I know old school collectors aren’t a major priority for Hasbro.


With Spidey making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in ‘Civil War’ as well as always being a main seller, Hasbro revealed another wave for the web-slinger. This one features Absorbing Man as the BAF. Absorbing Man is always a character that has never really been done justice since all of the versions tend to feature him in mid-absorption to show off his powers. This one continues that trend and is a bit busy as a result, but it’s not bad. He re-uses the ball and hammer that came with Thunderball.

I’m ecstatic to see a classic Morbius as I can finally get rid of the old Toy Biz version, which had an action feature that pretty much ruined the figure’s usefulness. A good old school Beetle still eludes us, but this modern version is from a popular comic and it’s another team builder [along with previous release of Boomerang] so that’s cool. The figure looks good so that’s a plus. I’ve no idea why Speed Demon comes with a Silvermane head (I really need to read The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Volume 1: Getting the Band Back Together) but it’s a great accessory.