Static action figure in DC Icons line is electrifying

Static DC Comics Icons2One of the most important reveals during San Diego Comic Con for me was the announcement that DC Comics would be incorporating the Milestone universe characters as part of its Multiverse as Earth-M. That was cool in of itself, but the biggest surprise was the news that action figures of Milestone characters were also on the table. That tease was realized Sunday with the debut of the Static figure in the DC Icons.

I’d braced myself for some updated take on Static or the Static Shock version, but I never imagined we’d actually get Static from his initial 1993 run. The figure looks perfect with the signature baseball cap, X hat and levitating manhole cover. It’s vintage Static. The only minor issue is the scale as Virgil looks to be a full adult male and not the teenager from the comics. Hopefully DC will scale him down to teen size so he won’t be looking at the Icons Superman eye to eye. Other than that, bravo DC and either way, I’m definitely adding him to my collection!

Photo credit: DC Comics