Daniel Bryan Mattel WWE figure review (Wrestlemania 30 BAF Kane wave)

One of the coolest aspects of watching wrestling for so long is being able to have witnessed every Wrestlemania. From the first one with Hulk Hogan and Mr. T facing off against Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff to Stone Cold and The Rock’s epic clash at Wrestlemania 17 to Shawn Michaels’ retirement at Wrestlemania 26 there’s been some fantastic Wrestlemania moments.

For me, few were as satisfying as Wrestlemania 30, which saw Daniel Bryan face overwhelming odds to become the undisputed WWE champion. Bryan seemed destined to forever crash against the glass ceiling, but thanks to unprecedented fan support and some fortuitous breaks, Bryan got his opportunity and took advantage to create one of the most iconic moments in recent WWE history.

Mattel celebrated Bryan’s accomplishments including him in this year’s exclusive Toys R Us Wrestlemania 30 Build a Figure Corporate Kane series. Is picking up the figure an easy yes! yes! yes! addition to your collection or will it have you saying no, no, no? Let’s find out.

Daniel Bryan Mattel figure review - inner trayPackaging: I really like the packaging on this set. It’s full of vibrant, eye catching colors and presents the figure well. I’m a big fan of personalization on the card backs (I grew up on G.I. Joes, so I kind of expect it. Blame Larry Hama) and this series has a great write-up setting the stage and the point of this particular version of the character.

My only issue with it, which isn’t a problem if your area is devoid of swap thieves, is you can’t see the Build a Figure piece. it’s a regrettable concern, but one Mattel needs to consider with future lines.

Likeness: You can kinda make out Bryan here, but the figure’s sleepy expression lacks the determination and intensity Bryan typically showed. An open-mouthed expression isn’t necessary, but this Bryan looks to be in serious need of some caffeine.

Beyond the expression, the hair is a bit too neat and tidy. The hair sculpt needs to be much wilder to really nail that Daniel Bryan look whereas this one looks like he just finished getting it washed and conditioned.

Daniel Bryan Mattel figure review -main close upPaint: This is the biggest hit to the figure as for some reason, Mattel painted Bryan’s head instead of casting it in the flesh color like normal. The colors are close and the breakup with the beard helps some, but you’ll definitely notice the color difference.

Daniel Bryan Mattel figure review - closeupThe edges of the beard weren’t fully covered and the eyebrows aren’t painted to match the sculpt. A wash to the beard probably would have helped make it look a bit more disheveled as well.

The ring attire is a near perfect match to Bryan’s WM30 outfit. Bryan wore some ‘fur’ coverings on the back and side of his boots. It’s probably too specific for Mattel to include, but coming up with some way to simulate that would have been an impressive commitment to accurately capturing the full look.

Scale: On the plus side, Bryan scales perfectly with his fellow WWE counterparts. I’m such a big fan of the efforts to keep the figures in scale relative to one another and for the shorter wrestlers like Bryan compared to a Kane it really shows the size discrepancies.Daniel Bryan Mattel figure review - scale shot with Reigns, Orton and Rollins

Articulation: After a few floppy chest figures, I’m happy to report this figure has nice and tight joints just perfect for simulating all of Bryan’s moves.

The only one that will prove a bit tricky to do is the Yes lock, but you can capture it somewhat. Anything else though is fair game and you’ll probably have just as much fun as I did figuring out all the different moves you can hit.Daniel Bryan Mattel figure review -putting Yes Lock on Orton

Daniel Bryan Mattel figure review - WWE and world title beltsAccessories: To commemorate his big win, Bryan has both the WWE and World title belts. You probably have gotten a few figures with the WCW belt, but not a lot with the current WWE title.

For me, that was another selling point of the figure. As normal, the main faceplate gets all the paint applications, but both belts look great. If you’re so interested you could apply a little Tamiya red (Tamiya Models X-7 Mini Acrylic Paint, Red) to the side plates for a more accurate look.

Additionally, like the other three figures in the set, he comes with parts for the Build a Figure Corporate Kane. Bryan gets the arms, which is probably the piece least likely to make you feel obliged to track down the other figures unless you really, really want to add another John Cena and Bray Wyatt to your collection.

Worth it? This figure celebrates Bryan’s career highlight when for one night he stood atop the wrestling world as the undisputed champion for the No. 1 promotion in the business.

It’s a very solid figure, but also includes both title belts and a vital piece for the BAF Kane if you’re so inclined. The lethargic head sculpt knocks it down a few notches, but the paint job really dings it down. With a better head sculpt this would nearly be perfect, but since we can only go with what we’re given, it’s really good but not great. Daniel Bryan Mattel figure review - with WWE and world title belts

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Where to get it? The BAF Kane line is exclusive to Toys R Us. Thanks to the two belts, Bryan is one of the quicker ones to get picked up right after The Undertaker. Don’t worry about finding a figure with a good head sculpt as you’ll want to replace it anyway.

Some sellers have it currently on Amazon for $35, which is a more than retail, but isn’t excessive price gouging.
WWE Wrestling Wrestlemania 30 Elite Collection Daniel Bryan Action Figure

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