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25 white comic book characters race swapped in movies and TV

When you take a look at comic books from DC and Marvel Comics’ formative years in the 60s and 70s, the lack of diversity is startling. Aliens were more common to see headlining comics than blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc. That’s still somewhat true with Marvel Comics as a lot of promotional materials end up featuring more green characters than other minorities. Marvel Studios has made some progress on that front, but it’s still tricky when there’s so few prominent minority heroes capable of headlining a film. Triathlon and Rage probably won’t bring in billions. DC also has the same issue with a pathetic small amount of A-level heroes.

Hollywood has been a lot more conscious of having a more diverse cinematic universe reflective of all comic book fans. Those progressive moves have met with some amount of backlash from the more small-brain community online who cry the ‘radical’ changes are simply to be more PC and decry the ‘blackwashing’ of comic characters. That was especially prevalent during Black Panther hype as some folks asked where was White Panther?

Those folks won’t ever get it, but Michelle Rodriguez also missed the point when she spoke about minorities ‘stealing’ comic book roles.


Sure, new minority characters would be great, but they’re not gonna headline their own movie anytime soon and in no instance has a minority playing a comic book character drastically ruined the core elements of the character. That’s actually far more common with ‘traditional casting.’

Then we get cases like Jennifer Garner’s Elektra where she played a character who should at least be able to pass as Greek.

jennifer garner as elektra

With that said, I figured it made sense to take a look at some of the more interesting race swapped characters.  Let’s get to the list!