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25 white comic book characters race swapped in movies and TV

Morlocks_(Earth-616)_001 callisto

Callisto (Dania Ramirez,
X-Men: The Last Stand)

dania ramirez as callistoDania-Ramirez-

It’s hard to find anything to be positive about with regards to the third X-Men film, but at least filmmakers opted to make Calisto — a more important member of the X-Men supporting cast — a more diverse character even if it’s in a ridiculously silly out of character role. At least Ramirez was crazily easy on the eyes to somewhat make up for it.

Deathstroke (Manu Bennett,

Arrow - Deathstroke

The Australian-New Zealand actor is a much different take on the classic DC villain than the white haired professional hitman, but he quickly proved more than up to the task as Bennett has thus far been the definitive Arrow adversary.

titans jericho review - slade wilson

This trend would continue in the DC Universe series, Titans, as Deathstroke was played by Esai Morales. This led to a plethora of character changes from Slade’s wife Adeline played by Mayko Nguyen, transgender Jewish and Chinese actor Chella Man playing Wilson’s son Jericho and Chelsea Zhang as Slade’s daughter Rose.

titans faux-hawk review - rose and jason

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