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25 white comic book characters race swapped in movies and TV

Deadshot (Will Smith, Suicide Squad)

Deadshot was a character perfectly suited for a race-swap as his only defining traits are his ultra laid back demeanor, love of his daughter, cigarettes and his unparalleled precision aim.

Smith can handle all that easily and based on the trailers, looks to be one of the pivotal players in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

This isn’t Smith’s first time assuming a white character role as he starred as Agent J in the live-action Men in Black adaptation.

Interestingly, the biggest complaints about Smith’s casting for Suicide Squad were questioning his cultural relevancy and if his inclusion means too much of the focus (pun not intended) would go to Deadshot. While that did end up being true to an extent it was Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn who stole the film. Smith won’t be back for James Gunn’s update of Suicide Squad, but has indicated that he would like to reprise the role in the future.

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