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25 white comic book characters race swapped in movies and TV

Nick-Fury comic version

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, Marvel Studios films)

Jackson is an anomaly on this list as his likeness was completely used as the inspiration for the Marvel Ultimates take on Nick Fury. The Ultimates comic line was a modern take on classic Marvel heroes and writer Mark Millar recalled to Business Insider how he wanted to make Jackson the template to replace the graying temple Fury from the regular Marvel universe:

Ultimates Nick Fury

Sam is famously the coolest man alive and both myself an artist Bryan Hitch just liberally used him without asking any kind of permission. You have to remember this was 2001 when we were putting this together. The idea that this might become a movie seemed preposterous as Marvel was just climbing out of bankruptcy at the time. What we didn’t know was that Sam was an avid comic fan and knew all about it.

So in a sense, Jackson’s Fury isn’t really a swap, but putting into action something established years ago.

Jackson also played another character, The Octopus, although the main villain in The Spirit comic was never revealed.

Samuel L Jackson and Scarlett_Johansson in The Spirit

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