Big Brother 17 winner prediction, keys to victory for houseguests #BB17

We’re down to the Great 8 in the Big Brother household and the battle for half a million dollars is heating up.  Let’s break down who stands to have the best shot to be sitting in the final 2 and what each House Guest needs to do to be there in the end.

Becky/Shelli/Jackie — The houseguests smartly put two viable competition winners packing and evicting Jackie, who was becoming a shrewd player in her own right.

bb17-jackie-red-string-bikini.How to land Final 2 spot: Most importantly win the buy-back competition to return to the game. Shelli would be sitting pretty if she wins. She can get the Sixth Sense back together and rally her loyal allies Johnny Mac and Steve to her side as well. While the temptation will be to try and avenge Clay’s eviction by targeting James, the smarter play once she gets an HOH is to break up the three person voting block of the AusTwins and hope Johnny Mac and James target and evict Vanessa to further stack the odds in her favor come jury.  If Shelli gets back in, she jumps right near the top of the pack for viable winners.

Big Brother 17 - BeckyBecky isn’t in the same great spot as Shelli, but she’ll have stronger HOH/POV winners on her side assuming Johnny Mac or James don’t get sent home next week. She swung and missed initially, but targeting Vanessa remains the best play and when she’s not HOH, the odds of Johnny Mac or James winning are fairly high. If they don’t, Becky has to win POVs as she’s clearly made herself a big target.

At best, Jackie could return to allies James and Meg. Becky getting evicted hurt Jackie’s game the most as the twins are jealous of anyone else that looks better than them in a bikini. Jackie has been more strategic than a good competitor, but she’s going to have to win something in the next few weeks to stick around as the buy-back players typically get targeted first to get back out of the house. She can’t just rely on James to keep her safe.

Big Brother 17 - JohnJohnny Mac — The dentist turned Diary Room star has dodged a number of bullets this season. He’s played a reluctant pawn for the Sixth Sense, but now has positioned himself solidly with the Goblins (James and Meg) and his longtime ally Becky.

How to land Final 2 spot: Johnny’s best play is to keep making it obvious he wants Vanessa out since none of the other houseguests save James will have the guts to make that big a move. Best case for him is Becky wins the buy-back comp as she’s a strong player and already viewed as a bigger threat. His side alliance with Steve is also an asset and he can lay back as the Goblins and Austin’s Angels trade shots each week so long as he can remain a force in POV comps to avoid being the pawn sent home.

Big Brother 17 - SteveSteve — The superfan largely remained off the radar until his puzzling reign as HOH during the Double Eviction where he sided with the remaining Sixth Sense members and put non-factors Meg and Jackie on the eviction block.

How to land Final 2 spot: Pray that Jackie doesn’t get back into the house as he is sure to be her top target. Steve is playing a dangerous game assuming his Scamper Squad alliance (AusTwins and Vanessa) view him as an asset. True, he could coast to final 5, but he’s the fifth person in the pecking order and won’t have the votes to stay whenever he isn’t the HOH.

Big Brother 17 - JuliaJulia — Julia has been a non-factor beyond a vote since the Twin Twist ended. She’s highly disposable to everyone in the house but Liz. Austin would love to see Julia go to have Liz all too himself and the other houseguests have to realize the twins and Austin’s votes carry more weight and influence the longer they’re in the house.

How to land Final 2 spot: Remain the partying twin who’s a non-threat and ride the Scamper Squad until the final 3 so she can win HOH/POV and evict Austin so she can twin Liz can split the money.

Big Brother 17 - JamesJames — The season’s most fun-loving, savvy and ballsy player hasn’t shied away from making big moves and is a favorite of Big Brother After Dark viewers for his pranks and cool demeanor.

How to land Final 2 spot: The odds are real low on James surviving that long because his closest ally Meg is the most worthless competitor in the house. He’d be best served with Becky coming back in the game and being a more tempting target for the other side of the house. To have a chance, James has to win the next HOH, hope an ally gets the following week and then win again after best case scenario evicting Vanessa, Liz and Steve.

Big Brother 17 - AustinAustin — No one is in a better spot than the pro wrestler. Despite his stature and inexplicable inability to find a shirt even while cooking, Austin is cruising along under the radar shielded by the twins and Vanessa while having an excellent social game with the Goblins.

How to land Final 2 spot:  Austin needs someone, anyone really, to evict Julia so he won’t have to question showmance Liz’s loyalties if it comes down to the three of them. Vanessa being evicted immediately after the buy-back sends his chances soaring. Austin’s lost enough competitions that no one views him as a threat. Austin’s best gameplan is to keep doing as little as possible to draw attention to himself.

Big Brother 17 - MegMeg — Even Meg jokes about her inability to win anything in the game. So far that ineptness hasn’t cost her as everyone views her as a non-threat and a perfect HG to sit next to come the final night.

How to land Final 2 spot: Keep being the pretty pawn. For Meg, she’s gotta hope that Johnny Mac and James can knock out a couple more strong players like Vanessa and Liz before they get evicted.

Big Brother 17 - VanessaVanessa — This season’s mastermind could find this journey challenging. She’s a major target and the only player 100% (see what I did there?) behind her is Steve. It may shake out to the point she just doesn’t have the votes to stay and that’s assuming Johnny Mac or James don’t outright go after her. That said, I wouldn’t be shocked if she’s sitting as one of the Final 2.

How to land Final 2 spot: Win the next HOH and get Johnny Mac out, then push Steve and the Goblins to align to break up the AusTwins power voting bloc. If the power shifts again, keep working both sides to be the last one standing next to Steve as no one in the jury would want to give him the money.

Big Brother 17 - LizLiz — For her longterm game, Liz might have been better off letting Johnny Mac get that HOH since he was clearly gonna target Vanessa. Now she’s been outed as the better (read: more likely to win a competition) twin she could be in trouble once/if Vanessa gets evicted soon.

How to land Final 2 spot: Hope Vanessa sticks around until the final 5, win that HOH and send her packing. Win the POV if Steve gets the following HOH and hope Austin doesn’t blindside Julia if he gets the following POV/HOH. Liz has the best odds now to win.

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