WWE Elite 38 in package and loose pics

Mattel released new images of WWE Elite 38. I’m definitely in for the WCW Savage and APA although I’m really disappointed in how both members turned out from these pics. Maybe in hand they’ll look better.

This is a pretty strong series with the only one I’m not really sold on being Roman Reigns as I don’t like the new headsculpt. 

Daniel Bryan with cloth T-shirt

Roman Reigns with vest and barricade

Adam Rose with hat, necklace,
vest and sunglasses

APA Farooq with APA
door frame and chair


APA Bradshaw with APA card
table and chair

Macho Man Randy Savage
with hat, sunglasses and rib tape

You can pre-order the set, which is scheduled to come out in September, at site partner Entertainment Earth just by using the link.
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