5 Ways to make Big Brother unpredictable again #BB17

A lot of longtime Big Brother viewers are losing interest in Big Brother 17. They’re tired of the lack of big moves and the near complete absence of strategy. They’ve grown impatient with Austin’s beard, Vanessa’s over-scheming and Julia thinking one pair of shorts was enough.

Most of all, the fans, specifically those who subscribe to the live feeds, are feeling like the show whose motto has always been “expect the unexpected” has become way too predictable.

Time to shake things up a bit so I came up with a few ideas that could shake up the house and keep the house guests constantly on their toes beyond the HOH and POV contests.

HOH Gambit

Big Brother 17 - Austin, twins, Johnny Mac, Vanessa, Becky, James and MegAs we saw during James and Becky’s reign as Head of Household, sometimes having the most important position in the house doesn’t matter if the house wants to go in a different direction. The HOH Gambit would ensure the main power stays with the HOH right through the eviction.

While the other house guests would compete for the Power of Veto, the HOH would compete for the Master Key, which would prevent any house guests besides the two nominees from using the POV so an alliance member couldn’t save their teammate if the HOH gets the Master Key.

Double Down

Each week house guests will compete in random activities (think Team America missions but for everyone) to earn DD points. The point value would range from week to week, but after a HG earns 20 DD points, they then have the power to make their eviction vote count double so they could cast both the tying and deciding vote.

Block the vote

Power-of-VetoWe saw this earlier this season with Da’vonne, but it could be another strategic element that becomes a short-term staple. After failing to win the Power of Veto, house guests on the block don’t have a lot of options beyond pleading and making deals that rarely work.

This new element would be a mini-contest between the two house guests on the block. They’d have to be the first to complete a series of challenges to earn the ability to block the eviction vote of up to 5 house guests. That number would shrink down each week.

CMA  aka Cover My Alliance

big brother 17 goblinsDuring HOH competitions, house guests can choose between winning HOH or the CMA shield, which would allow a house guest to protect themselves and up to two house guests from nomination or backdooring. This would come in handy for house guests who don’t want to get their hands “bloody” during the game.

Life Saver

At the midway part of the season, instead of a double eviction, house guests would have the option to compete in a Life Saver contest allowing them to bring back one evicted house guest. The only catch? Competitors forfeit their ability to participate in POV contests for two weeks even if they’re nominated for eviction.

big-brother-17-vanessa-rousso-poker playerBonus suggestion:  No house guests whose lives wouldn’t be changed greatly from winning half a million dollars. Frankie Grande, the brother of pop star Ariana Grande, definitely didn’t need it last year and poker player Vanessa Rousso, whose $4 million net value fortune wouldn’t be significantly affected if she won or not.

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