10 wrestling legends Mattel will never make into figures (updated)

When Mattel acquired the WWE license it immediately made some waves with its legends line in getting legends previous licensee Jakks wasn’t able to do in its decade plus run.

These weren’t fringe characters either. We got ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat and the Von Erichs, pivotal characters to any worthwhile wrestling collection.

But while wrestling is typically a never say never kind of business, there’s a number of stars and legends that Mattel won’t be able to come close to being able to put on shelves for collectors. If you or someone you know customizes, you’re pretty safe spending the money to make/order these stars.

For simplicity’s sake, I didn’t bother including Owen Hart and Chris Benoit, since it shouldn’t come as any surprise to collectors that we won’t ever see figures of them from any company again.

WWE-Billy-Jack-HaynesBilly Jack Haynes

Haynes’ bad blood with the WWE dates back to his quitting/firing from the promotion in 1988. Haynes hasn’t let the issue die down all these years later as last year he filed a federal lawsuit against the WWE seeking that the promotion establish a medical trust fun for former wrestlers coping with injuries that occurred in a WWE ring. So if you want the Oregon superstar, break out your yellow and green paint and get to work because he’s definitely not getting back in the WWE’s good graces anytime soon.

wwf chynaChyna

There are few superstars the WWE tries to act as if they never existed more than Chyna.

Even if the powers that be decided they could overlook her sex tape past (much like her partner Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman who got a figure in Elite 33), it’s a safe bet her past relationship with Triple H, who’s happily married to WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, makes her pretty much a lock to never get another figure in a WWE line.

Jakks did make a Chyna figure back in the Titantron Live days so there is a decent, if not perfect option: Jakks Pacific WWF WrestleMania XVII Chyna Figure Series 9

Update: Chyna has been added to the WWE Hall of Fame 2019 along with the rest of DX. Triple H has started speaking about her in a positive light as of late so there may be some light in terms of Chyna eventually getting a figure.

WWF Dino BravoDino Bravo

The Canadian strongman has never had a figure released. Not from Hasbro, Jakks or Mattel. Bravo was allegedly gunned down for crossing the Canadian mafia for his alleged role in cigarette smuggling.

Just like no one in the WWE wants to cross Mr. McMahon, no one wants to run afoul of the mafia for trying to get a Dino Bravo figure made.

WWF Adrian Adonis and Jimmy Hart‘Adorable’ Adrian Adonis

For some odd reason, Adrian Adonis — one of the more colorful wrestlers during the mid-80s — didn’t get a figure from Jakks. Despite a more open-minded attitude towards the LGBT community, Adonis is probably still a stretch to get a figure due to the potential for outrage on either side of the gimmick.


ECW WomanWoman

The Benoit tragedy also means we’re never going to see a figure of his wife, Nancy, who played a one of a kind female manager.

While attractive, Woman was portrayed more for her cunning and deviousness as opposed to her looks as the manager of Doom, the Four Horsemen and The Sandman.

WWF Giant GonzalezGiant Gonzalez

Of all the guys on this list, Gonzalez seems the least problematic, but Undertaker’s Wrestlemania 9 opponent won’t be making it to Mattel’s line for some reason despite a lack of any bad blood, shady death scenario or any other obvious problem. Still, on another forum, WWE Mattel execs said:

He was in the overall long term strategy but never made a final line up. Sadly it will not happen now.

If you’ve got the disposable cash, the Jakks Giant Gonzalez fits in fairly well with a Mattel collection: WWE Jakks Pacific Wrestling Classic Superstars Series 16 Action Figure Giant Gonzales

Ludvig Borga

Ludvig Borga

For a time in the mid-90s, Borga seem poised to be one of the most dominant wrestlers in the WWF for years to come.

But apparently he was a nightmare behind the scenes to the point that Jim Ross, a guy who seems to always be able to find positives to say about wrestlers,  said in an interview with The Sun that Borga was somewhat obnoxious and he could be a bully if allowed to be such. Guys like Halme don’t mix well in any locker room and need to be removed from the ‘team’ sooner than later.”

Combined with Borga’s short stint in the WWF and untimely demise due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, there’s little reason to expect a Borga figure for your Elite 30 Lex Luger to battle.

The Patriot WWFThe Patriot

One of wrestling’s greatest patriotic characters is a frustrating case as the gimmick and likeness may or may not be owned by the wrestler who created it – Del Wilkes.

Both Tom Brandi and the Honky Tonk Man claim to own the license now and despite the fans of the character, The Patriot probably isn’t worth the headache for Mattel to find the legitimate owner.


WWF Nailz

More than any other person on this list you can take to the bank there will never be another Nailz figure. Nailz aka Kevin Walcholz actually got into a physical altercation with WWE CEO Vince McMahon over money before getting into a series of lawsuits with the WWE and alleging McMahon gave him steroids.

Jeff Jarrett

WWF Jeff Jarrett and Debra

Jarrett didn’t shrink into irrelevancy upon the end of his WWE tenure. Instead, Jarrett refuses to be a footnote in wrestling history going on to co-found Total Nonstop Action and now Global Force Wrestling.

Unlike the others, Jarrett isn’t just blackballed. He’s doing his own thing and seemingly has no interest being beholden to the WWE or the McMahons ever again meaning he’s the least likely to ever see a Mattel WWE figure.

Update: Never say never in wrestling. Jarrett joined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018 and now is an agent making it extremely likely we’ll now get a Jarrett figure.