The house guests we want back for Big Brother 18 All-Stars

Alright, Big Brother 17 is finally in the books. For most longtime fans, this proved an infuriating season as most of the superfans were evicted early, the herd voting mentality and the complete lack of anyone willing to make big moves.

To get back to the show’s motto of expect the unexpected, it’s time to bring back BB veterans who’ve already encountered the backstabbing, alliances and twists and want a second chance at reality TV glory. Here’s who would make Big Brother an exciting all-star version.

Amber (Season 16)BIG BROTHER

Through no fault of her own Amber’s game was wrecked the moment Caleb developed an Austin-esque obsession with her and unlike Liz, her feelings never changed.

Realizing their strong ally needed focus, which would come from eliminating his crush, The Bomb Squad/Detonators sent Amber packing.

BB Resume: 1 HOH, 0 POVs and 2 Battle of the Blocks

Why she should return? From her early stint in the house, Amber proved to be a player and because of her initial competition success she was backdoored to eviction. Getting another chance in the house could provide Amber the opportunity to form a strong alliance with houseguests that will have her back.

Becky (Season 17)

Big Brother 17 - BeckyA train to the face couldn’t stop the houseguest who affectionately referred to herself as “Basic Becky,” but an alliance with the weaker side of the house as the Sixth Sense/Scamper Squad dominated ended her game. 

BB Resume: 2 HOH, 0 POVs and 1 Battle of the Block

Why she should return? Like another season 17 houseguest I’ve got returning, Becky wasn’t afraid of taking the big shot and in a season lacking actual players, Becky was a competitor. With a fairer shake and not facing an uphill battle against a dominant alliance, Becky could make some waves and at least keep us entertained with her unbelievably true stories. 

Donny (Season 16) bb16-donny

Beyond admiring Derrick Levasseur’s amazingly efficient gameplay, Season 16’s best story was lovable gardener turned competition beast Donny fighting a weekly struggle to stay in the house.

BB Resume: 1 HOH, 3 POVs and 2 Battle of the Block

Why he should return? Every season needs a sentimental favorite and Donny, the season 16 America’s Favorite Player, was such an easy guy to cheer on and combined with his competition prowess, he’d be a force in his second summer.

Frank (Season 14)

Big Brother 14 - FrankThe son of pro wrestler Psycho Sid, Frank proved to be just as skilled a competitor.

BB Resume: 1 HOH, 3 POVs and 2 Battle of the Block

Why he should return? Frank was a threat that everyone realized. If he didn’t win HOH, he was on the block and he made the biggest mistake of everyone in Season 14 by trusting Dan giving him a first class ticket to the Jury House. He’d be the dominant player everyone will quickly be gunning for and we’ll see if his experience makes him less trusting this time out.

Frankie (Season 16)Big Brother 16 - Frankie

Everyone’s least favorite narcissistic sibling hanger-on was an annoying showboat much of last season, but if for no other reason, he’s a great “villain” and will frequently namedrop his famous sister, Ariana Grande.

BB Resume: 5 HOH, 3 POVs and 1 Battle of the Block

Why he should return? Check out that BB resume. Frankie was a force in competitions and was a shrewd social player making him a serious threat to return to the house and win it all if given the chance.

Big Brother 15 - HelenHelen (Season 15)

Helen fancied herself a major strategist, aligning with Elissa while trying to use her background as a political consultant to her favor.

BB Resume: 1 HOH, 0 POVs

Why she should return? Helen had the misfortune — along with the viewers — of being stuck in the horrifically racist season, which potentially led to her eviction.

BIG BROTHERIan (Season 14)

The Quack Pack founder rebounded from being dragged along on Britney’s leash to winning Season 14 in slightly controversial fashion.

BB Resume: 4 HOH, 2 POVs

Why he should return? The story of Season 14 was not Ian, but how BB legend Dan nearly repeated his Season 10 win with amazing strategy that has now become an iconic phrase in BB lexicon – “misting.” Ian benefited from a pissed off jury and nothing would cement his status than having another lengthy stint in the Big Brother household.

Big Brother 17 - JamesJames (Season 17)

Captain Camo from the recently concluded season 17 would be a blast to see back in the house as the experience combined with his pranks, social game and competitive drive would make him a bigger threat in a second season.

BB Resume: 2 HOHs, 2 POVs and 2 Battle of the Block

Why he should return? James was seemingly one of the two players interested in “getting blood on his hands” and not being afraid to go after big threats. His biggest challenge was weak alliance members who couldn’t keep the target off him when he didn’t win competitions. Given another chance, the Captain could get even farther next time.

Big Brother 13 -Kalia-BookerKalia (Season 13)

Attempting a floater strategy, Kalia quickly chose sides in the Dynamic Duos season and aligned herself with newbie Porsche and veteran Daniele. Kalia was partly responsible for the season’s most exciting episode when as HOH on a double eviction episode, she avenged the eviction of her ally Daniele by nominating and evicting Jeff.

BB Resume: 2 HOHs, 0 POVs

Why she should return? Kalia made use of her alliance with Daniele and learned the ins and outs of the game to become a strong player in the second half and wasn’t afraid of confronting and targeting the other alliance. Her quick wit would almost make her a Diary Room favorite.

BIG BROTHER 10Keesha (Season 10)

Keesha famously got so annoyed by the antics of her alliance members April and Libra she got into an all-time classic confrontation fittingly earning her America’s Favorite Player for Season 10.

BB Resume: 2 HOH, 1 POV

Why she should return? Keesha was a spark plug and a fierce competitor who didn’t have time for any Mean Girl crap. She’d be fun to see mix it up with some of the other houseguests.

Big Brother 12 - Matt_HoffmanMatt (Season 12)

The brains of The Brigade, Matt lied to his fellow houseguests about his wife being sick and played a shrewd game winning competitions as needed and relying on his strong alliance to keep too much attention on his gameplay.

BB Resume: 1 HOH, 3 POVs and 2 Battle of the Block

Why he should return? Matt overplayed his hand as he began forming a close bond with the non-Brigade members of the house. Had he not tried to stack the odds, he likely would have emerged the winner. Every season needs the sneaky manipulator and Matt fits the bill perfectly. 

BIG BROTHER 11Russell (Season 11)

The Season 11 hothead had no problem telling houseguests exactly what he thought, making for some explosive and memorable confrontations.

BB Resume: 1 HOH, 1 POV

Why he should return? Russell wasn’t afraid to make big power moves and was confident enough not to shy away from them when called out on them. He’ll definitely keep the house from getting boring.

Shelli (Season 17)

Big Brother 17 - ShelliThe Queen B of the first half of Season 17 whose reign was abruptly ended when she and her showmance, Clay, got a little too powerful too early in the game.

BB Resume: 2 HOHs, 0 POVs

Why she should return? Shelli played a masterful game and dominated the first half of the season with her Sixth Sense alliance thanks to her competition wins and strong social game. Shelli’s the Homecoming Queen and will shine her bright teeth in the face of the competition as she’s racking up wins after the other.

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