Star Wars Black Series Finn (Jakku) figure review The Force Awakens

We’re finally closing in on my most anticipated movie of 2015 — Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Just three more months to go now. And with it comes an onslaught of action figures.

On Force Friday, my most anticipated purchases were grabbing all of the Star Wars Black Series figures. Course that apparently was the thought of everyone else so I had to wait a few days before I got the 6″ goodness from Hasbro.

I’m breaking the first wave down according to their numbers so we’re starting with 01 in the series — Finn (Jakku) — who seems like a lock to be my favorite new hero in the new trilogy. Let’s see if is the chosen one of this wave.

Packaging: The normal Star Wars Black Series line sports a very basic black packaging that places the figure and accessories like specimens.

Hasbro opted to switch up the look for the new series on several fronts. Finn is posed and ready for action and a bigger portrait on the front. The all black backdrop is replaced with a more vibrant red to match the side panels.

The back package is less interesting as Hasbro crammed four languages. It doesn’t matter all that much though since the bio is appreciatively detail- and spoiler-free. The back portrait kind of gets lost though.

Likeness: Of the few human characters we’ve seen so far in the Force Awakens line, Finn seems to have the strongest likeness. The figure is the closest likeness we’re likely to get in the 6″ scale of actor John Boyega.

While I appreciate the neutral expression, Finn looks a bit sleepy and hardly ready for a new galactic war, but I suspect the paint job on the eyes is somewhat to blame for that.

Star Wars Black Series - Finn review -right sideFinn’s shirt has some nice texture to it to help make it stand out from the black pants. The jacket looks just like the source material with lots of details right down to the lightsaber strap although I wish it was sculpted separately so you had the option of putting the unlit hilt onto the figure.

Scale: At 5’9″, Boyega isn’t short standing the same height as Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill. Finn’s figure seems to be right in line with that as he’s about 2″ taller than Rey — accurately representing the height difference with Boyega and the 5’7″ Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey.

Paint: There’s not a lot of paint detail on any of the figure. It’s most noticeable with the head sculpt, which has a good likeness of Boyega, but is somewhat lost under a very basic paint job.

The jacket is where the lack of paint washes is most noticeable although small details like the silver zipper and buttons get a little attention.

Star Wars Black Series - Finn review -shoesThere’s also some light intentional overspray on the pants and sneaker-like shoes, no doubt from the harsh environment of Jakku.

Articulation:  The articulation scheme is … interesting as it has most of the essential points, but they’re not as helpful as you might expect.

Finn has a ball-jointed neck, hinge shoulders, elbow twists, wrist, mid-torso, ball-jointed hip, thigh, double-jointed knee and full range ankle articulation. The lack of movement with the shoulders is the most problematic preventing Finn from easily holding his blaster with both hands as well as the lightsaber we’ve seen him use in promotional shots.

There needed to be a bit more range in the neck joint as Finn’s  up and down movement is really limited. The jacket tends to ride up on the shoulders creating a bit of a no-neck look.Star Wars Black Series - Finn review -facing forward

On the bright side, if Force Awakens allows for 6″ SWB vehicles, Finn can sit easily into whatever is provided.

Accessories:  Finn comes with the blaster we’ve only seen from a picture Boyega shared on Instagram.

Without being able to compare it to the film version, it looks like the figure’s gun is lacking the strap and appears brown and not silver. Again, that may be accurate and we won’t know until we see the movie.

Also from the concept art, I really wish Hasbro had included the lightsaber we’ve seen Finn in several promotional pictures as it seems like he should have a lightsaber, which would be a key accessory.

Worth it? Compared to some of the other  6″ figures for the $20 price that are normally packed with at least a Build-a-Figure piece, the pricetag seems a bit much, but considering the license we’re probably lucky it’s not $25.Star Wars Black Series - Finn review -running with Rey

Rating: 7 out of 10

Finn didn’t blow me away, which wasn’t a major surprise, but he’s a solid entry in the SWB line. He’d fare better with a better articulation model or more detailed paint apps, some of which are probably too much to expect from a mass market toy line.  Finn won’t disappoint, but he’s not going to be the one you hunt down until you see the movie either.

Where to get it? Force Awakens figures are a hot commodity and don’t last long on the shelves, but you can find them at Toys R Us and Target.Star Wars Black Series - Finn review -leaning over has the single figure available: Star Wars The Black Series 6 Inch Finn (Jakku)

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