Marvel Legends Bulldozer figure review Ant Man wave

Hasbro’s Marvel Legend “Ant-Man” line may as well have been called the 2015 edition of Bring on the Bad Guys. For longtime Marvel fans, the wave is stacked with villainy goodness giving us four classic foes of the Avengers.

Today, I’m looking at Bulldozer, the brute force hammer of The Wrecking Crew (which really says something). Let’s see if he’s a knockout or is headed for the scrap yard.

Packaging: As Hasbro has done an outstanding job with character selection, I’m willing to cut them a break from their uninspired packaging. It’s what we’ve seen all year with the standard black and red color scheme. There’s a quickie bio and a wave-wide graphic of a colony of ants in case you miss this is part of the Ant-Man wave.

Likeness: Bulldozer originally had an orange and silver color scheme that was granted comic book immortality as it was the look he wore in the first Secret Wars. Since then, he’s had a lot of outfits with variations of that theme. I couldn’t actually find one representing the figure’s particular look, but I like it.Marvel Legends Bulldozer review - ready to rage

The helmet is the most important aspect of the costume and it’s very well executed to give the appearance of a person wearing a helmet with sculpted eye sockets and a gritted teeth expression that’s perfectly fitting for the character.

The metal pieces have scratches, nicks and dents that really give Bulldozer an imposing look like you don’t want none of this guy.

Marvel Legends Bulldozer review - scale shot with Wrecking Crew and Iron ManScale: Someone at Hasbro got a little scale crazy when doing the Wrecking Crew so each one is so out of scale with the rest of the Marvel Legends figures they look like they’re part of another line. That battle has long been lost and I’ve resigned myself to just thinking someone fell asleep at the scale wheel and moved on.

As the fourth member of the group released, Bulldozer just had to follow suit so his scale isn’t nearly as annoying. Besides, he’s a character frequently portrayed as shorter than the others and you can get a good crouch out of him to knock his obnoxious size down considerably.

Paint: Unlike fellow orange covered wave-mate Tiger Shark, Bulldozer doesn’t have any problem with his paint applications thanks largely to his parts being molded in orange plastic.Marvel Legends Bulldozer review - side shot

Marvel Legends Bulldozer review - closeup of grey flakesThere’s no paint washes on the main body, which is fine in this instance since the helmet piece, belt and arm and ankle bands all have some really solid weathering. Just as impressive, the silver eye slots are lined up just right.

The only thing you may need to be mindful of is the mouth area. My figure had some weird grey flaking that showed up on both sides. It was easily enough removed with an x-acto knife, but if you can choose you may want to be on the lookout for that — otherwise this was a problem free figure paint-wise.

Marvel Legends Bulldozer review - Wrecking Crew vs HerculesArticulation:  I occasionally have to battle the rest of The Wrecking Crew to keep them from toppling over the rest of my villains display, but Bulldozer stands a lot firmer and doesn’t look to be a perpetual shelf diver.

Bulldozer has got a ball-jointed neck and shoulders that aren’t impacted by the helmet/chest piece, elbow articulation, wrist, mid-torso, ball-jointed hips, thigh swivel, double-jointed knees, ankles and foot. Marvel Legends Bulldozer review - Wrecking Crew beat down Hercules

He’s got a great range of motion too so you can get him into those battering ram poses he so regularly does in the comics.

Accessories:  Bulldozer doesn’t need a crowbar or ball and chain when he’s hanging with The Wrecking Crew so he definitely doesn’t have a use for an accessory here beyond the Build-A-Figure Ultron left arm piece.

Worth it?  All things being equal, Bulldozer feels like a bit of a bonus due to his bulk. He easily could have been used as the Build-a-Figure for the Ant-Man wave, but Hasbro kept him at the standard $20 price.  From a size perspective alone he feels like a figure where you see where the $20 went.

Marvel Legends Bulldozer review - with Piledriver and ThunderballRating: 9.8 out of 10


The Wrecking Crew was one of those sets where the Marvel Universe versions were perfect and Hasbro really didn’t need to do anything more than use them as the guide for the 6″ versions instead of the super-sized giants we got. Bulldozer, however, holds up better than the rest of the Crew, thanks to his design and the excellent job with the metal pieces’ paintwork. I wasn’t expecting it, but Bulldozer knocked down my expectations to become my surprise favorite figure from the wave. Now to finally track down a Wrecker and complete the Crew.

Where to get it? The Ant-Man wave is currently available at Toys R Us and Target. If for some reason you can’t find Bulldozer in stores, you can try some of the Lyles Movie Files site partners, who kick back a portion of your purchase to help me enhance the site just from you clicking the links.Marvel Legends Bulldozer review - Masters of has the single figure available:Marvel Legends Infinite Series Bulldozer

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