Tiger Shark Marvel Legends figure review – BAF Ultron

When we look back at 2015, I’m pretty sure we’ll consider it a banner year for Hasbro with its Marvel Legends line. Not only was Hasbro able to get the anticipated updates to major stars like Iron Man, Thor and Hawkeye, but the bigger story was how Hasbro was able to get so many second- and third-tier characters out that we probably never imagined we’d see in figure form.

Today, I’m looking at one such lower tier character, doubly so since he’s a villain — Tiger Shark — courtesy of the Ant-Man line.  Let’s see if the figure has some bite or simply bites.

Packaging: As Hasbro has done an outstanding job with character selection, I’m willing to cut them a break from their uninspired packaging. It’s what we’ve seen all year with the standard black and red color scheme. There’s a quickie bio and a wave-wide graphic of a colony of ants in case you miss this is part of the Ant-Man wave.

Likeness: Of the Ant-Man wave, Tiger Shark boasts one of my favorite headsculpts. The intense expression and gritted teeth is a perfect look for a character known for bearing his razor sharp teeth.

Tiger Shark has “claw” hands. Normally, I’m fine with the figures just having two fists, but it’s a nice touch for Tiger Shark who’s more of a slasher than puncher.

Tiger Shark Marvel Legends - scale shot with Namor, Black Panther and HerculesScale: Tiger Shark is broader and stockier than the average character so Hasbro gave him the bulky body that isn’t ridiculously oversized. I like the superstrong villains being a bit bigger than the heroes and Tiger Shark is in the sweet spot Hasbro needs to make the new norm for the larger scale characters.

Paint: Let’s start off with the positives. The purple “fin” has a pearlescent color and it’s sharp really helping the figure’s main accessory stand out. The detail work on the teeth is very sharp.Tiger Shark Marvel Legends - left side

With an orange and purple color scheme, Tiger Shark has one of the more unique costumes on Marvel Comics. Considering the jagged teeth pattern along the front and back, it’d be understandable for any paint gaffes there, but of the numerous figures I’ve seen on shelves, the pattern is clean on without any issues.

Since the figure’s torso isn’t cast in orange, it has some significant issues covering the body and the purple constantly seeps through.  What is there is sloppily caked on at the torso joint. I’ve seen a few other looks at Tiger Shark and the torso is consistently the biggest problem. If you find one with good paint apps, go play your lottery numbers.

Articulation:  Tiger Shark could have been a disaster if he had floppy joints and weak plastic. Fortunately, he’s got nice, tight joints making posing fun and not a frustrating experience like it was with early Hasbro Marvel Legends.

Tiger Shark has got a ball-jointed neck and shoulders, elbow articulation, wrist, mid-torso, ball-jointed hips, thigh swivel, double-jointed knees and ankles.

Tiger Shark Marvel Legends figure review - head to the side

His fin makes the side to side articulation decent, but the up and down movement is hindered.

Tiger Shark Marvel Legend - right armAccessories:  Tiger Shark doesn’t have an obvious accessory and I’m not counting the fin since it isn’t removable. His sole accessory is the Build-A-Figure Ultron right arm piece.

Worth it? At around $20 and in some cases higher, Marvel Legends are the average price for a 6″ figure. It’s not cheap, but that’s what we’ve gotta work with these days. The lack of an accessory hurts compared to the extra value we get from some other figures in this wave alone, but the figure covers everything we would expect from the character.Tiger Shark Marvel Legends - claw hands up

Rating: 7 out of 10

Tiger Shark is a classic Avengers villain and he gets a pretty solid figure. With a better paintjob this would warrant a perfect score, but it’s hard to ignore.  His great expression, solid frame and easy articulation otherwise make Tiger Shark a great addition to a Marvel villain collection.

Where to get it? The Ant-Man wave is currently available at Toys R Us and Target.Tiger Shark Marvel Legends - battle pose

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