The Martian’s $37M 2nd weekend keeps Pan grounded

1.The Martian – $37 million [2nd week; $107.8 million] Matt Damon’s crowd-pleasing science fiction drama didn’t have much by way of competition and cruised to an easy second consecutive box office win.

We may finally see some action next weekend with the debut of “Bridge of Spies,” the latest collaboration from Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, the family film “Goosebumps” and Guillermo del Toro’s anticipated “Crimson Peak.”

2. Hotel Translyvania 2 – $20 million [3rd week; $116.8 million] The current weak skate has certainly benefited the Adam Sandler animated comedy even with the assumed competition for the family dollar with ‘Pan.’

PAN3. Pan – $15.3 million [debut week] With low buzz and light regard from moviegoers, the Peter Pan prequel has stumbled into certified flop territory considering its $150 million budget.

4. The Intern – $8.7 million [3rd week; $49.6 million] The Robert De Niro/Anne Hathaway comedy collaboration continues to draw in adult crowds as it’s quietly made a respectable haul.

5. Sicario – $7.3 million [4th week; $26.7 million] The drug thriller is closing in on recouping its $30 million, but the current haul has to be a bit disappointing considering its critical acclaim.