Marvel Legends Wasp figure review Ant-Man BAF Ultron wave

I didn’t have a lot of issues with Marvel Studios’ assembly of The Avengers, but the big sticking point for me was the omission of founding members Hank Pym (Ant-Man/Giant Man) and his partner in crime-fighting, Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp.

wasp jan van dyne black and gold costume - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox 9172015 21135 AMIt’s taken awhile, but Ant-Man and The Wasp finally made their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (sorta) thanks to the surprise summer hit Ant-Man, one of my more enjoyable trips to the movies this year.

Hasbro seized the moment with Ant-Man’s moment in the spotlight to release an Ant-Man theme wave of Marvel Legends. Today I’m looking at the wave’s winsome female – The Wasp to see if she soars or needs a trip to the bug zapper.

Packaging: All of the Marvel Legends spin-off lines have the same black and red color scheme to remain uniform. That’s great for MOC collectors who should appreciate the consistency, but it’s a little uninspired for a figure line based on comic book characters.

Like the rest of the figures in the line save for Ant-Man, the side portion has a drawing of ants as opposed to individualized character portraits.

Wasp Marvel Legends figure review -portrait with wingsHasbro won’t be winning any innovative and creative package awards here with a basic picture of the figure, a one sentence bio and a graphic of the other figures in the wave and the BAF. It’s serviceable, but I doubt I’ll keep the card back like I do other lines.

Likeness: Wasp has always been one of the more outgoing personalities in the Marvel comics universe and this head sculpt has a ton of character.

Looking back at some of Hasbro’s earliest Marvel Legends females and comparing to Wasp and it’s nice to see Hasbro making such fantastic strides to improve. At this point the Marvel Legends sculptors are making the best female head sculpts in the 6″ scale and it’s not even a close contest.

Scale: Wasp has typically been portrayed in the comics as shorter than most of her peers and she’d be one of the few I’d be slightly irritated if she were too tall, but Hasbro cobbled the right pieces together to ensure Wasp is looking up to most of her Avengers teammates.Wasp Marvel Legends figure review - scale with Yellowjacket, Captain America, Black Panther and Iron Man

Paint: While the paintjobs had some issues with the first two 2015 Avengers line, the Ant-Man line has thus far really impressed me. With Black Window, Black Panther and Warbird/Ms. Marvel already released, I would’ve preferred Hasbro going with a more colorful outfit combination for Wasp, but it’s executed well.

Just like Ant-Man, Wasp looks just as clean as the protoype. The hair has a nice wash and Wasp’s blue eyes really pop.

The gold accents the black bodysuit nicely and is applied thick enough that black isn’t coming through. That’s especially impressive considering all the problems the yellow in the Spider-Woman’s torso (Avengers Wave 2) gave collectors.

Wasp Marvel Legends figure review -face close upIf you can be picky, the one area to be mindful of is the eyes.

I’ve seen a few where one was painted too far apart giving Wasp a wacked out look so you’ll want to check that if you see more than one on the pegs.

Articulation:  My Ant-Man figure was victimized by gummy plastic, which thankfully is not the case with Wasp — for the most part. My figure has a weak right knee, but that seems to be one of those occasional loose joints not an indictment on the plastic used. A little superglue should handle that just fine.

Wasp has got a ball-jointed neck and shoulders, elbow articulation, wrist, mid-torso, ball-jointed hips, thigh swivel, double-jointed knees and ankles.Wasp Marvel Legends figure review -flying with Yellowjacket to fight Kang

I like Wasp’s gesturing hands as it adds a lot more personality to her in action ready to unleash some Wasp stings on some evildoers.

Accessories: Hasbro has really stepped its game up in terms of extra accessories as needed for the Marvel Legends line instead of just treating the Build-a-Figure piece as the sole option.

Wasp comes with detachable wings, which I can’t express enough how happy this makes me as it allows for the display option of a powered-down Wasp  in addition to a ready for battle version — something you couldn’t do with previous Wasp figures. The wings fold in tightly behind Wasp’s back so you won’t have to worry about her being a display shelf hog if you prefer to keep the wings attached.

The only compromise is Wasp has two little holes on her back for the wing plug-ins. I don’t mind, but some collectors may find it distracting.

Wasp Marvel Legends figure review -Ultron Build a Figure torso with headI would have loved for Hasbro to be able to work in a mini Wasp like the Ant-Man figure, but that’s the only possible missing accessory.

Additionally, Wasp comes with the torso for the Avengers: Age of Ultron version Ultron so if you want to build Ultron, you’re definitely going to need Wasp. I like the BAF strategy as it helps steer collectors in buying figures they might not ordinarily. Whatever it takes to keep the Marvel Legends train rolling I support 100%

Worth it? Wasp is on my short list of favorite female characters and this figure didn’t disappoint. This is the one figure in the wave you’re not gonna have to exert yourself or waste a lot of gas tracking down, but she’s easily one of the standout Marvel Legends this year and well worth adding for Avengers fans.Wasp Marvel Legends figure review - with The Avengers

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

The gimpy right knee holds back a perfect score. Otherwise, the removable wings, solid paint job, articulation and dynamic head sculpt combine to give collectors a great updated version of Wasp.

Where to get it? The Ant-Man wave is currently available at Toys R Us and Target.

Despite her high quality, Wasp is the one you’ll have the least amount of trouble finding in stores. Thankfully, Hasbro hasn’t pressed any panic button and gone back to the archaic mindset that female figures don’t sell.

Wasp Marvel Legends figure review -taking to the airIf for some reason you can’t find her in stores, you can try some of the Lyles Movie Files site partners, who kick back a portion of your purchase to help me enhance the site just from you clicking the link. has the single figure available: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Wasp

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