Supergirl recap Stronger Together Ep. 2

Supergirl didn’t have a let up from its promising series premiere delivering another exciting episode that proved its debut wasn’t a fluke.

Kara is working hard to establish Supergirl as every bit the hero of her famous cousin. It’s still awkward the show just won’t say Superman especially since Clark Kent was mentioned this week.

It was a nice touch to show Supergirl having some growing pains adjusting to using her powers and screwing it up more often than getting it right. Kara didn’t come off goofy or silly, but initially out of her element, which is sensible as she spent so long trying to fit in with normal humans.


While there’s a couple directions the show could have gone with Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli) going with the superheroes are a menace angle seems wasted on him. Again, that character is expected at this point while Lord’s opportunistic superhero manager role hasn’t been done on this stage before.

supergirl-stronger-together-hellgrammiteMelissa Benoist continues to make Kara more earnest than corny and completely believable with her desire to make an impact. She’s fantastic in this role and it’s going to be a blast seeing her take Kara along this journey.

Getting encouragement from Cat of all people, Kara realizes she’s trying to be the perfect hero too quickly. Assembling Team Supergirl with James and Winn (who desperately needs something to distinguish him from being Cisco-Lite) Supergirl tackles smaller scale issues. I loved the scene where Kara is clearly unnerved getting the snake from the top of a tree for a little girl.

The meteor freak of the week was a Hellgrammite (played by the awesomely named Justice Leak), an alien Kara was familiar with from her lessons as a child. Henshaw doubts Kara’s ability to take it down especially after Alex handily takes down Kara in a Kryptonite laced room to test her fighting skills.

Henshaw and his team try to set a trap to catch the Hellgrammite, but it fights them off and takes Alex for good measure. I’d love for Alex not to constantly be the trigger that springs Supergirl to action. It’s not like she wouldn’t try to track down the Hellgrammite if someone else got caught.

Thankfully the show didn’t drag out the big reveal that Kara’s Aunt Astra is leading (or co-leading since she seemed to be reporting in to someone else) the escapees from Fort Rozz.

supergirl-stronger-together-supergirl-investigatingOnce she tracks Alex down, Astra confronts her and we get the show’s first real major super-powered throw down. This was a major improvement from the premiere’s fight scene. Supergirl flew, used heat vision and her super strength indicating the budget is definitely there to keep the action scenes at a high level.

The effects were crisp and it had a lot more fluidity than the somewhat herky jerky animation from last week. It was pretty cool watching two super-powered females go at it and I’m very excited to see future fights if this is going to be the norm.

Supergirl doesn’t win the fight is on the ropes slightly when Henshaw arrives armed with a Kryptonite dagger that forces Astra to retreat. The hero getting humbled in their first encounter with the major villain is a regular part of the playbook in a Greg Berlanti production. In this case Kara is going to need Alex’s fighting skill to be able to beat Astra in the rematch.

But first, Alex reveals a special room for Kara for her own personal Fortress of Solitude complete with an AI program based on her mother’s memory. And we get a tease that Henshaw won’t be far removed from some sort of Cyborg Superman reveal as his eyes flash red following a talk with Alex.

I’m still not sold on Cat. With so many fresh aspects to the show the tyrant boss seems so dated and cliche. I really hated how she bullied James into setting up the interview under threat of firing him. Cat’s focused on clicks and newspaper sales so her being that obnoxious isn’t so terrible.

supergirl-stronger-together-james-and-karaMy bigger problem was James and Kara going along with it set a bad precedence that she could fire them anytime they don’t deliver Supergirl. And what CEO is going to conduct that interview themselves?

What are the staff at Catco doing besides cowering every time she comes around?

I did appreciate Kara being an encouraging sounding board for James that they all need each other so it’s not just a one-sided deal where Kara needs a weekly pep talk from her friends.


Rating: 8 out of 10

Supergirl is definitely on the right path and this follow-up episode proved there’s a lot more to appreciate than finally having a leading female superhero.