The Walking Dead: Now recap – Season 6, Episode 5 

Short of a seeing [spoiler] make a dramatic return or a definitive answer on his death, tonight’s episode was going to prove somewhat frustrating.

Last week, the show’s detour resulted in one of the series’ best outings, but tonight put a bit too much attention on everyone’s least favorite walker bait — the fractured citizens of Alexandria.

We all want to know if Glenn is still alive, not if Jessie’s son is going to come downstairs for cookies!

This season’s main story arc of the impact of war on a previously sheltered society has made for some extremely fascinating TV. Tonight probably focused on the Alexandrites more than necessary though as little occurred to make me look at them differently than liabilities for the Grimes Gang.

We see some of the poor shell-shocked Alexandrites terrified when Rick comes racing back to the gate with half a herd of walkers slowly trailing him. I kinda wish we’d seen how Rick managed to get away as he looked royally screwed when last we saw him.

Deanna has done her job of sheltering them a little too well and their horror and fear is a realistic reaction to this world. Rick’s crew has been so accustomed to it that they’re to an extent “over it,” but watching the Alexandrites’ response it reinforces just how frightening a scenario this would be for those used to a simple life.

For some, the walkers at the wall is bringing out the worst in them as they attempt to horde the food supplies since the end is near. Deanna’s son, Spencer, talks the polite Alexandria mob from truly losing the city by giving in to their baser instincts only to go for it himself later. Every time I want to give Deanna’s kids some credit they continue to burn me.The Walking Dead - Now - Denise

Jessie gets it though, even taking down a former neighbor turned walker. She tries to rally her friends by saying a very Rick-esque statement: If we don’t fight, we die.

Even Jessie’s older son, Ron, seems to understand — warning Carl not to go outside the gate to look for Enid. Carl’s plan is stupid and he’s even more idiotic for having clueless Ron talk some sense into him.

Ron also asks Rick to teach him how to shoot. If I’m Rick, I don’t trust this kid one bit especially since Rick closes out the episode by making out with Jessie. It was inevitable from the moment they met, but hooking up with the woman he made a widow doesn’t seem like the best strategy to get the people to fully trust him.

Deanna spent most of the episode in shock. Tovah Feldshuh was outstanding tonight fully conveying the broken spirit of a leader who simply wanted to protect her people now realizing how much it handicapped them from the reality beyond the walls.

By the end of the episode, Deanna decides she won’t be a pushover victim and wants to live. She still seems prepared to cede leadership over to Rick though. While it’s probably best for the city, Deanna’s reclamation as a stronger leader has me just as intrigued.

Generally, “TWD” does an excellent job in regards to its portrayal of characters of various races and sexual orientations. The characters are perfectly interchangeable if they were black, Asian, Latino, white, heterosexual, homosexual, etc.

My one small gripe is Denise kissing Tara after she gave her a pep talk to be the best temp doctor in Alexandria. The implication being that since they’re the only two lesbians in Alexandria of course they have to be together. I get a lack of options could make folks decidedly less picky, but just like all the heterosexual characters don’t have to be paired off, the homosexual characters don’t need a romantic interest to validate them as characters.The Walking Dead - Now - Aaron

As Glen & Nicholas and Daryl, Sasha and Abraham haven’t returned yet, the more realistic folks have written them off as dead. Maggie naturally has to know for sure if Glenn is dead.  Aaron refuses to let her go it alone (yet another reason why Aaron and maybe Deanna and Jessie are the only worthwhile Alexandrites) and shows her a backdoor exit out of the boundaries courtesy of a sewer. This trip leads to one of the more hideous walker types — sewer walkers — so if you were curious how the show could make walkers more disgusting, there you go.

Maggie echoes a sentiment of many viewers as she figures Glenn is dead, but she’ll never know for sure. At this point, I’m not sure who’s more desperate for an answer — the fans or Maggie.

Even though she thinks he’s gone, Maggie washes Glenn’s name off the memorial wall while Aaron does the same with Nicholas’ name. Aaron, of course, is just wasting his time. Is Maggie? Looks like we won’t be finding out anytime soon. One thing confirmed for sure. Maggie’s pregnant and Aaron helpfully points out his name can work for both a girl and a boy.

Next week, we find out what happened with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham and there’s a 90% chance we’ll get no answers about Glenn’s fate for another week.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Delaying the season’s biggest cliffhanger for another episode didn’t pan out as well as last week and ‘Now’ failed to do much to change the opinion of the Alexandrites.  The only concern is they don’t get another one of the essential characters killed off again with their ineptness.

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