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WWE Seth Rollins figure review Seth Cashes In exclusive

In an irony of crummy timing, just as Seth Rollins gets showcased with an exclusive Toys R Us figure spotlighting his career highlight, The Architect is now on the shelf with an injury that will keep him out nearly a year.

That’s a shame for the WWE as Rollins has been the most consistently entertaining performer on the WWE roster in 2015 not named John Cena. While Rollins may be on the shelf, his new figure is hitting shelves. Let’s see if this figure is money or simply a wasted expense.

Packaging: I really like whenever Mattel departs from the normal packaging for this exclusive figures. In addition to switching up the formula a little, it helps make the figure stand out especially if you’re an MOC collector. Seth Rollins Mattel exclusive - with backdrop

I also appreciate the switch in colors from one year to the next as the Wrestlemania 30 Brock Lesnar‘s figure had a red and black color scheme. The yellow and gold really looks classy and is one of the few times I almost didn’t want to open the figure.Seth Rollins Mattel exclusive - bio closeupAdditionally, I love the attention put forth on the bio, which fully explains the significance of this attire and this moment. Essentially, these TRU exclusive figures are more streamlined Defining Moment figures…at a better price.

Likeness: Rollins has proven to be an especially hard character for Mattel sculptors to get down just right. I think the nose is a bit too narrow and the inability to capture the stringy hair look also throws the likeness off somewhat. Seth Rollins Mattel exclusive -close up

That said, the likeness up close is good, but it’s missing that sleazy, cocky expression Seth has become known for during his title run. This reserved, calm expression is better suited for a Shield era Rollins.

Bodywise, the ripped medium size torso is a good fit and the arms and shoulders look accurate. I wish Mattel put a glove mold so the wrist portion didn’t just have black paint.

Seth Rollins Mattel exclusive -scale with Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Brock LesnarScale: Seth’s height is 6’1″ so he’s regular height meaning he’ll be looking up at the 7′ Kane and just a fraction taller than the 5’10” Daniel Bryan.

Oddly, this Seth figure is slightly shorter than the Shield version from Elite 25. I’ll chalk that up to the difference in boots.

Paint: Unlike earlier Rollins figures, this version has a more appropriate darker skin tone to better reflect his tan.

Mattel still hasn’t been able to paint Rollins’ blond highlights accurately as it just looks like the right side of the figure got dipped into a blob of bright yellow paint. Since Rollins is going to be around for years to come, I really wish Mattel would figure out a better paint application method to prevent the hair from looking cheap.

Seth’s SR logo is applied nicely, but Mattel skimped on painting on the rest of the belt detail, which is not the norm for Mattel. Hopefully ignoring these kinds of details doesn’t become the norm.

The gold lining along his tights are nice and clean. The kneepad is a little sloppy, but fortunately it’s the gold that oversprayed making for a relatively easy correction.

Articulation:  Seth has the typical Elite articulation so he’s got neck, ball-jointed shoulders, elbow, wrist, torso, waist, hips, thigh swivel, knees and ankle.

Seth Rollins Mattel exclusive -hands up wearing title beltIn your figure collection, the Curb Stomp doesn’t have to be banned and of course that’s an easy move to simulate. Getting the Pedigree is a bit trickier, but not impossible.

Accessories: I kinda want to gripe about the WWE title as it’s not the same shiny version as the one the Wrestlemania 30 Daniel Bryan came with making Seth’s look a lot cheaper by comparison. On the plus side, the red circles on the side are painted. That means neither is the perfect version of the WWE title so it’s a matter of what looks best to you.

The Money in the Bank briefcase is the pretty much the same one Mattel’s been using. If you’re a stickler for complete accuracy, the briefcase painted on the briefcase (weird) is yellow instead of brown and is overall missing the black shading.

I suspect the cost for adding another paint app is to blame there, but it’s definitely not a big deal if you don’t have a pic to compare.Seth Rollins Mattel exclusive -raising WWE titleI wish Mattel hadn’t just released Rollins in Elite 37 WWE Elite Collection Series #37 -Seth Rollins so his “power vest” could have been included with this figure as well to make the “Ultimate” Rollins, but I get Mattel figured two figures make more money than one.

Worth it? At $20, Seth is the same price as your standard Elite figure with a special packaging. This week Toys R Us has Elite figures on sale for $15.99 so if you’re considering it, I’d absolutely recommend grabbing him this week.Seth Rollins Mattel exclusive -holding title belt after win

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The blonde streaks continue to be an issue for Rollins figures and the skimped out belt details hold the figure back slightly. Otherwise this is the best current Rollins figure on the pegs right now.Seth Rollins Mattel exclusive -celebrating with Triple H

Where to get it? Naturally as a TRU exclusive that’s your best bet, but if for some reason you can’t find one, you can always pick it up at Lyles Movie Files’ affiliate partner WWE, Elite Collection Wrestlemania 31, Seth Rollins Action Figure