Basketball And BS podcast is taking it to the rim

My man, Keith Cooper, and some of his pals have set up a basketball podcast to help get you ready for another exciting NBA season.

For those of us like me whose NFL team has all but forfeited the season, it’s long past time to start getting hyped for basketball.

Keith shared a little info on it:

The purpose of the Basketball And BS podcast and upcoming blog is to come together as a group of regular guys and share our love and knowledge of the game amongst each other and everyone so inclined to listen and read. We also felt that there was a void of smart, detailed NBA coverage in our hometown and residence of Baton Rouge. Which is hard to get in a football obsessed town and state on your local media.

We are regular hard working HBCU grads who have a avid love for the game, our teams and different players. We want to share that we you all.

basketball and bsHere’s their Tumblr page:

And Facebook page:

Keith’s been a great supporter of Lyles Movie Files with his regular commentary on films and the TV show recaps so I definitely had to return the favor. If you get a chance, check them out and let ’em know LMF sent you.