Red Sonja is set to slay your display with new figure

Sideshow Collectibles is releasing a premium format figure of the baddest sword-swinging warrior this side of Conan and He-Man with the new Red Sonja collectible.

“Whatever the battleground, whatever the foe, I shall never falter!
So swears Red Sonja!”

A wandering adventurer, savage barbarian, and the greatest swordswoman of the Hyborian Age, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce Red Sonja – the She-Devil with a Sword!

Red Sonja - She Devil with a Sword premium format -holding sword wide shotSince her fearless debut in 1973, Red Sonja has redefined the fantasy genre with her fiery temper and ferocious ability to best any man or beast in combat. The confident crimson-haired heroine requires little protection in her travels, her sleek muscular body clad in sparse scale mail, ornate cuffs and pauldrons, and thick leather boots and gloves.

Her face a mask of fierce determination and smoldering pride, Red Sonja cleaves her way through the fresh glistening carcass of a monstrous serpent, her twin blades drenched in the blood spilled just moments before.

Standing 20” tall in a magnificent dynamic composition, Sideshow’s Red Sonja She-Devil with a Sword Premium Format™ Figure captures the legendary warrior-woman at her best – forging her own path, leaving only death and destruction in her wake.

Order the figure from Sideshow Collectibles here: Red Sonja Red Sonja She-Devil with a Sword Red Sonja Premium Format(TM) Figure

Red Sonja - She Devil with a Sword premium format -overhead shot