Supergirl: How Does She Do That recap Episode 5

CBS’s sensitivity is only good for a week apparently.

Considering the Paris bombing is hardly old news, watching this week’s episode featuring multiple bombing attacks hardly felt all that entertaining. Given that comic book based shows have so more outlandish avenues to explore, working in a scenario that could occur in real life rarely seems like the best option.

Then there’s the matter that a lot of comic fans binge watched Netflix’s Jessica Jones, which provided a female lead hero every bit the opposite of the sunshine and fluffy puppies outlook of our spunky Supergirl. It probably would have been better for all involved if this became a “lost” episode that was a bonus for DVD/Blu Ray.

Supergirl - How does she do it recap - Carter and CatKara finds her hands busier than normal this week. She offers to watch Cat’s pre-teen son Carter (Levi Miller, Pan) while Cat accepts an award she beat Lois Lane to win. Why Cat, the CEO magnate of a media company, would be in the same category as a Pulitzer Prize reporter is another question.

Since this episode was supposed to air before her personality enhancements in Livewire, it’s back to the obnoxiously harsh Cat. Oh and Carter conveniently enough has a crush on Supergirl. That doesn’t explain how Kara zoomed to Carter’s school yet had a civilian change of clothes all ready when she landed unless she’s randomly setting up clothes depots around the city.

supergirl-how-does-she-do-it-melissa-benoist-calista-flockhartAnyone else find it odd that Supergirl wears stockings/tights presumably to somewhat tone down the costume’s “sexiness” yet Kara’s wardrobe frequently has her rocking short skirts and heels? It’s a very mixed message.

Just as confusing is the show’s attempt at being this groundbreaking feminist show when the writing comes across so behind the times.  Kara’s astonishment that Cat can run her company and be a parent was borderline insulting. Not to be outdone was Lucy coming to National City because she wanted to rekindle her romance with James because she saw him on TV with Supergirl to set up the show’s very own Betty and Veronica love triangle.

Supergirl - How does she do it recap - James and Lucy LaneIn addition to babysitting superhero, Kara ends up playing the sounding board for both Lucy Lane and James as they both blame the other for their break-up. Introducing a romantic rival to drive a wedge between the main character and their love interest only works if the audience is invested in seeing that potential new relationship happen.

Despite devoting a lot of time to the Kara/James pairing, their lack of romantic chemistry doesn’t make that a desired outcome especially since Winn seems a more compatible geeky match. In the end, James decides to give things another try with Lucy although events in Livewire seemed to suggest he’s already having second thoughts.

If that weren’t enough, Ethan Knox (Scott Michael Campbell), a former employee of Maxwell Lord, is unleashing a series of bombs throughout National City before his final target — Lord’s bullet train.

Henshaw’s “Psst! I’m only a shady character when Kara and Alex aren’t watching” shtick is going to get old if we don’t get any kind of advancement. There’s only so much we can make out of his glowing red eyes tease.Supergirl - How does she do it recap - Henshaw and Supergirl

The DEO remains the weakest part of the show for me. Alex would make a better fit on Team Supergirl with Winn and James than letting the stick in the mud Henshaw continually talk down to her sister.

Faced with two bombs in multiple locations, Kara goes for the train to save Carter. I’ve had a problem with how the show handles Kara’s superheroics and this was another awful example. When she revealed herself initially it was only because Alex was on the falling plane.

Supergirl - How does she do it recap - Maxwell Lord and CarterWhile the airport bomb would kill thousands, Kara goes for the train since Carter is aboard it. You could argue even heroes make selfish decisions, but a basic tenant of super heroics is saving the most lives not the one that also saves your job.

I was mistaken in thinking the show was basing Maxwell Lord on Tony Stark as the showrunners decide he’ll make a better Lex Luthor stand-in. Lord coercing Knox to set the bombs just so he could gauge Supergirl’s abilities was a ridiculously convoluted plan. Yes, he had fail safe devices in case Supergirl didn’t come to save the day, but a fast-talker like Lord couldn’t just invite her over for some bogus excuse and scan her just as easily?

Rating: 6 out of 10

The soap opera romance subplots continue to stumble and the DEO and shady Henshaw interludes are going nowhere slowly, but as always, Melissa Benoist reminds viewers why she’s this season’s newest MVP.