WWE Earthquake Mattel Elite 35 review

When I think of big monster heels in the WWF dispatched to vanquish Hulkamania, Earthquake is one of the first to come to mind. He wasn’t cool and was just a big unstoppable villain that went toe to toe with The Hulkster and other WWF legends in the early 90s.

It took longer than I would’ve liked, but Mattel finally released Earthquake as the flashback for Elite 35. Will the figure leave us quaking with excitement? Let’s find out.

Packaging: We get the standard blue and grey packaging here with a nice size portrait on the lower left half and a wide window to show the figure and all its accessories. I like the back package stat information right down to the era Earthquake wore this style attire and his associates. I’d still love to see more bio information though.

Likeness: The head likeness is really strong right down to the squinting focused eyes. wwe-mattel-earthquake-close-up

I generally don’t like these kinds of expressions, but it works here. I feel like Earthquake could be a little wider in the torso area. He’s bigger than the standard idealized normal Mattel body type, but just a bit smaller than Earthquake’s physique.

Scale: Earthquake was billed at 6’7″ putting him right in line with the 6’6″ Big Bossman and Yokozuna. Bam Bam Bigelow is a bit taller than he should be, but that’s definitely not Earthquake’s issue.WWE Mattel Earthquake -scale shot with Andre, Bam Bam, Yokozuna and Big Bossman

Paint: Mattel didn’t cheap out and go with one of Earthquake’s simpler attires.

Instead, we get one of the cooler blue attires with the aftershock effect. The yellow shockwave is a bit weak, but it’s clean and the red Earthquake lettering is accurate to the singlet.wwe-mattel-earthquake-posing-side

The paint on the white shoelaces on the boots is a little sloppy, but that’s the biggest paint issue. wwe-mattel-earthquake-wide-pose

The chest hair painting is much better than the Defining Moments Razor Ramon figure and is about as good as you could expect from painted hair.WWE Mattel Earthquake -posing

Articulation:  Earthquake gets the typical Elite articulation so he’s got neck, ball-jointed shoulders, elbow, wrist, torso, waist, hips, thigh swivel, knees and ankle.

For the most part, you’ll be able to get a fairly convincing Earthquake splash as well as Quake’s submission move, the Boston Crab.WWE Mattel Earthquake -ready for Earthquake splash

wwe-mattel-earthquake-damien-and-bagAccessories: Earthquake really wasn’t a guy that lends himself to a lot of accessories beyond maybe a classic tag team title.

Instead, he comes with Damien and snake bag to simulate squashing Damien — one of the more infamous acts in the 90s.

This is the same Damien and bag that came with the Jake “The Snake” Roberts All-Star figures. It’s more of a gag accessory than something all that useful for Earthquake.

I’d happily trade it for a cloth singlet reflective of his Natural Disasters attire. This may be a moot point if Mattel doesn’t have the license for Tugboat/Typhoon, but I’m hoping this isn’t the only Earthquake figure we get.WWE Mattel Earthquake -Earthquake splash to Hacksaw Jim Duggan-001

Worth it? Earthquake was easily the top heel in the WWF in 1990 and was one of Hulk Hogan’s last major opponents at the tail end of his big WWF run and battled all the top faces from The Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” and Big Bossman.WWE Mattel Earthquake - facing off with Big Bossman, Hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This figure captures Earthquake’s girth and imposing frame well and is a much needed early 90s heel. Now, we just need Mattel to get to work on his allies Typhoon and Dino Bravo.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Where to get it? Since the Elite line is on Series 39 now, finding Earthquake at retail might be tricky, but you can find him at the occasional Toys R Us and Target.WWE Mattel Earthquake -beating down Ultimate Warrior

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