WWE Charlotte Mattel Basic figure review

Probably more frightening to me that the fact that some of my favorite wrestlers are greying, balding and long since stopped worrying about their physiques is their children are now main-eventing wrestling shows now.

Part of the main reason I started tuning in to NXT was the buzz of Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte, putting on some great matches. After tuning in, the hype was underselling the outstanding work done by Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley.

WWE Network Nikki 728x90

While the Divas Revolution in the main roster has stalled thanks to the WWE’s typically underwhelming booking, I was ecstatic to see Charlotte would be getting an action figure in Mattel’s Basic line. Let’s see if The Natural Girl’s figure delivers the goods as well as her real life counterpart.

Packaging: I won’t bore you. It’s the same Basic packaging we’ve been getting for awhile. Nice big portrait of the wrestler with a snazzy First Time in The Line! on the front, larger portrait on the back and the other figures in the line. Nothing new to see here, let’s move along.

wwe-charlotte-figure-review-victory-poseLikeness: This was a likeness that took a second for me to fully appreciate, but it’s one of Mattel’s better Diva sculpts. There’s a lot of commendable attention to detail from the nose, the creases in her face when smiling right down to the eye shadow although the mole by her mouth was noticeably absent.

Hopefully signaling this is just the first of many Charlotte figures to come, Charlotte’s unique top is sculpted and not painted so we avoid the cheap looking fill-ins like Emma or Brie Bella.

wwe-charlotte-figure-review-diva-scale-shotI was hoping Mattel would give Charlotte a more defined abdomen as she’s pretty cut and the figure’s mid-section is flat.

Scale: It’s obvious that Charlotte is one of the taller Divas on the roster. At 5’10” she should look down on every other Divas figure, including the 5’8″ Paige. But Diva scale isn’t a big priority for Mattel so she’s just a little taller than Paige. It’s a little frustrating since Mattel does such a great job with scale with the male superstars.

Paint: This was easily the most disappointing aspect of the figure for me. Not due to some sloppy paintwork, but the uninspired dull choice to go with a black and silver color scheme when Charlotte has so many more colorful attires to use.

A Carolina blue and white, pink and green or purple and white would have been far more dynamic options to help make the figure stand out. This particular outfit Mattel attempted to capture has a lot more blingy, shiny components so we’re left with a flat attire that lacks the sparkle of the actual item.

The linework on the various designs is clean. Most impressively though is Charlotte’s tattoo on her left side is faithfully captured so you can actually read what it says. That’s solid commitment for a non-Elite figure.

wwe-charlotte-figure-review-arm-raisedArticulation:  My usual complaint for the Divas figures applies again and it’s with the next level talent like Charlotte and forthcoming Sasha Banks and Bayley that the articulation issues will really be a problem.

Charlotte has

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows
  • mid-torso
  • waist
  • wrist
  • hips
  • knees
  • shin
  • ankle

The problem is the articulation isn’t deep enough to allow for the full range of motion severely limiting the moves and holds you can do. The regular male Elite figure can do a big boot straight up to reach another figure’s face. Charlotte can only go crotch high.

wwe-charlotte-figure-review-with-nxt-titleI always feel a bit worried when moving the Diva figure’s shoulder as the pin connecting it to the arm feels fragile and could snap if I’m not careful. My Charlotte also head a very loose mid-torso joint and floppy hip articulation making it a challenge to get her to pose straight.

I’ve been use to the Diva articulation restrictions, but this instance with one of my favorite new wrestlers was especially frustrating. The return of the dreaded pimp hand was also annoying.

wwe-charlotte-figure-review-holding-divas-titleAccessories: Every so often a Basic figure will get an accessory. That’s not the case with Charlotte. Hopefully a future Elite will have her “If you’re gonna do it, Do it with Flair” T-Shirt.

Worth it? Basics are a fair price at $10 apiece. The trouble, of course, with the Divas figures is finding them typically results in a lot more than $10 worth of gas. Charlotte is the standard Diva figure, but if you’re a fan of the Divas Revolution, you’ll want to get the first figure to kick it off.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Charlotte is yet another case of a pretty great looking Diva hampered by the substandard articulation model. I’d happily pay more to get better movement and more variety with the scale. I’m not under the illusion an Elite figure will fix my main problems with the Diva articulation scheme, but until then these Divas figures are rarely going to be as good as they deserve.

wwe-charlotte-figure-review-strutting-with-ric-flairWhere to get it? Target and Toys R Us will eventually get this wave of Basic figures in, but Charlotte is going to be the most in-demand one thanks to short-packing. A surer bet is going through Amazon.com: WWE Figure Series #55 – Charlotte

And if I wasn’t already a big fan of Charlotte’s, she liked one of the pictures I took while doing this review.WWE Charlotte retweet

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