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The Walking Dead Abraham Ford figure review

Abraham Ford is one of the more popular recent additions to The Walking Dead cast. Originally appearing in Season 4 trying to help Eugene get to Washington, D.C., Abraham has become a trusted and valuable member of The Grimes Gang.

Abraham’s popularity is one of the main reasons his figure was fast-tracked for McFarlane Toys’ Walking Dead TV line. Now let’s see how everyone’s favorite U.S. Sargent not named Slaughter shapes up.

Packaging: I like the streamlined packaging of this line, which doesn’t feature a lot of wasted space. It showcases the figure and the accessories nicely. As this is a Series 6 figure, the package continues the road to Terminus theme while the back features the rest of the figures in the wave.

The one failing of the packaging is it doesn’t describe the accessories in any great detail.

Likeness: The likenesses to the actors can be kind of hit or miss in the line in some cases due to the sculpt and others due to the paint. This figure sports a tremendous resemblance to actor Michael Cudlitz even capturing his stern, contemplative expression. I never fail to be amazed when the likeness is dead on considering the smaller scale.

the-walking-dead-abraham-ford-mcfarlane-toys-figure-review-fists-upThe sculpt captures Abraham’s frame well even down to the tank top being stretched out to reflect his slight pot belly. Abraham’s pants And there’s terrific smaller sculpting details like his watch, gloves, holster and belt.

Scale: Abraham is just a bit pin-headed when putting him next to the other figures in the line, but he’s still stands tallest. I definitely appreciate having some discrepancy with the figures to reflect not everyone is the exact same size.the-walking-dead-abraham-ford-mcfarlane-toys-figure-review-scale-rick-glenn

Paint: The camera picked up a lot more grime and paint inconsistencies than I noticed with the naked eye. There were some issues around the tank top and handlebar mustache that didn’t get complete paint coverage.

Abraham’s tank top has seen cleaner days. There’s a nice bit of shading to indicate sweat or dirt Abraham hasn’t lost any sleep worrying about dry cleaning.

The camouflage is actually far more complex and detailed than the version Abraham wears on the show. I’m used to figures getting cheated out of minor details so for McFarlane Toys to give us more is commendable.

On the downside, Abraham’s red hair is too subdued on the figure and not nearly close enough to the shocking red Cudlitz wears it.

Articulation: The Walking Dead figures have a good amount of articulation, but it’s not nearly as useful as I’d like. The lack of any kind of torso or waist articulation point is the biggest issue.

Abraham has:

  • neck
  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • elbow hinge
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

the-walking-dead-abraham-ford-mcfarlane-toys-figure-review-fighting-walkers-with-rickWhile Abraham features the appreciatively more advanced hip articulation, allowing for wider stances, the ratchet click knee joints aren’t deep enough to allow Abraham to hit any decent kneeling poses.

Ditto for the elbow articulation, which is thisclose from allowing me to cinch it back far enough to have Abraham grabbing hold of his pistol and knife.

As common for all the line, finding the sweet standing spot can be tricky. I wish McFarlane Toys would include mini stands to help keep the figures from toppling over so frequently.

Accessories: Common with The Walking Dead line, Abraham comes with a generous assortment of weapons with a pistol, combat knife and sub machine gun. And in a nice change from the norm, Abraham has a place to house all of his weapons thanks to the sheath and holster on his belt.

the-walking-dead-abraham-ford-mcfarlane-toys-figure-review-with-gun-knifeWorth it? It’s not a rip off at $15, but considering for $5 more you can get a 6″ WWE figure with just as many accessories, Star Wars Black figures with a comparable amount of accessories or a Marvel Legends figure with a build a figure piece and other accessories, the price doesn’t feels right.

If you can find these figures for about $2 to $3 less, you’re paying more in line with what you’re getting considering the articulation limitations.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Like the rest of the line, Abraham looks great in a basic regular stance, but the articulation scheme hinders some truly dynamic poses or setting up action dioramas. Fixing that would bring McFarlane Toys’ WD series hovering at the 8.5 to 9 out of 10 range consistently.

the-walking-dead-abraham-ford-mcfarlane-toys-figure-review-shooting-walkerWhere to get it? Toys R Us is your best shot at finding him at this point, but their assortment of figures in my area gets gobbled up pretty quickly.the-walking-dead-abraham-ford-mcfarlane-toys-figure-review-helping-glen has the figure available for a bit cheaper than retail now McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 6 Abraham Ford FigureOrder The Walking Dead Abraham Pop! Vinyl Figure from Entertainment Earth!walking dead series 8Order The Walking Dead TV Series 8 Action Figure Set from Entertainment Earth!daryl dixon computer sitterOrder The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Computer Sitter Bobble Head from Entertainment Earth!Maggie GreenOrder The Walking Dead Maggie Greene Pop! Vinyl Figure from Entertainment Earth!