Mattel WWE Elite 41 lineup announced

With WWE Elite 40 available now for some online retailers, it was just a matter of time before we finally got an official lineup from Mattel.

Mattel is sticking with the pattern begun in Elite 38 with three flashbacks and three modern stars. It’s a great format to get more character variations of legends who have one figure, but have other just as essential characters we’d like to see in the Mattel line.

Here’s the lineup:

FinnĀ  Balor “The Demon” version

SDCC Finn BalorThis has been the only figure we knew was coming soon since Mattel revealed it at SDCC. The NXT champ’s first Elite figure comes with his “demon” paintjob and cowl.


The Big Guy finally gets a new release, one that hopefully has a bigger torso to better reflect his girth.

Terry Funkterry-funk-ecw

The Hardcore Legend’s second Elite figure will likely be in his ECW-era attire, but I’m hopeful Mattel chooses a look that can double for one of Funk’s NWA attires when he was battling Ric Flair and Sting in 1989.


The Queen of XTreme will finally give the WWE Elite Collection Series #24 Trish Stratus Action Figure someone to square off with from her era. While Edge era Lita would be cool, we need her signature look first.

1-2-3- Kid123-kid-sean-waltman

Mattel has been pretty focused on finishing up The Kliq already providing a Diesel, Razor Ramon WWE Defining Moments Razor Ramon Figure and a mildly passable Shawn Michaels though I’m still awaiting a figure more representing of his 1995-1996 run.

Dean Ambrosedean-ambrose-wwe-2015

The Lunatic Fringe gets another Elite figure, which is in keeping with an A-list star of the modern WWE. I’m not nearly as interested in this attire though as the last Elite Dean was good enough for me.
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