Triple H, Big Bossman WWE exclusives up for pre-order

Toys R Us has been a great source for WWE exclusives. While the largest toy retailer mainly sticks to modern figures for exclusives occasionally old school fans can get a treat.

In this case it’s with a new Mattel subset line called The Best of Network. I’m optimistic this will be another avenue for Mattel to get more figures of characters with multiple gimmicks.

The first two figures are Triple H in his original Blue Blood gimmick and Big Bossman from his signature original WWF run.

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Again, Mattel always makes sure to do the WWE head honchos right. Triple H gets a cloth robe and his cane. Big Bossman is an exact carry-over from the crazily priced Elite 14 figure. I’m hoping an Attitude Eras SWAT gear is forthcoming and I’m still holding out a shred of hope for a Big Bubba Rogers figure.

Bossman is coming Jan. 27, but the real surprise is Triple H is slated for Dec. 30. So keep an eye out on stores immediately after Christmas. Could be in for a nice surprise and see The Game in the remnants of the shelves.

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