DC Icons Green Lantern figure review

Along with Batman, Green Lantern was the only other A-level DC character to emerge from the transition to the New 52 largely unscathed. Until recently, provided you’re reading GL’s solo title not any of the Justice League books. It’s more confusing than necessary.

What’s not so complicated is DC Collectibles releasing Hal Jordan as the first Deluxe figure in its DC Icons line. Time to see if this Lantern’s light shines brightest.

Packaging: Despite its deluxe status, the packaging has no significant changes from the regular releases. That’s great for MOC collectors as it fits in perfectly with the dominant white and this time green accents with the Lantern logo in the “O.”

But that makes the underutilized package back design even more pronounced. The back is begging for some personalization in terms of a bio or at least comic book cover reference picture.DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -outer tray 1

Likeness: Ivan Reis is the Icons line designer, but this Green Lantern looks more like an Ethan Van Sciver or Doug Mahnke version with the closer cropped hair and sharper mask points.

The costume has all the sculpted lining for the sake of lining similar to the comic design, but it’s not too dramatic a departure from the classic attire. The Green Lantern chest piece is sculpted while the logo appears to have a sticker in place. It’s very clean either way.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -preparing to aimGL has been the one figure so far whose aesthetically looks a bit weird thanks to the costume design and the articulation scheme. The waist crunch comes just an inch above the arrow pointing to GL’s crotch. It probably wouldn’t be so pronounced if it wasn’t for the costume lining on the green “armor” section.

I was slightly bummed that the ring wasn’t fully sculpted and lacks any detail. I know the scale is small, but that’s the integral part of GL and warranted the extra attention.

Scale: Hal is just a bit taller than both Batman and Green Arrow. That’s fine since there’s no rule the heroes all have to be the exact same size. When it comes to the main DC heroes my only rule is Superman is taller than most of them.

Far more unexpectedly welcome though was the figure works perfectly with the Green Lantern movie line figures right down to an almost identical shade of pearlescent green paint.

So if you’re feeling so inclined, you can immediately fortify your Green Lantern Corps before the John Stewart figure comes out.DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -with Green Lantern CorpsGrab them here:
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Green Lantern Movie Masters Isamot Kol Figure
Green Lantern Classics G-Hu Collectible Figure
Green Lantern Movie Masters Naut Ke Loi 6″ Figure

Paint: When Mattel and DC Direct went head to head with Blackest Night figures, DCD pretty much pitched a shutout thanks to the pearlescent paint used to make the Lanterns’ “armored” areas stand out and look more dynamic.

The Icons figure also gets that shiny green treatment and it really looks nice. I really like that GL’s shade of green is different than either used in Green Arrow.

My GL was missing some paint coverage in his hair, which would have benefited from a wash. The lining on the mask is sharp with no overspray, but in the other two I saw on the shelves that was the common issue so if you have the option, be on the lookout for the best paintjob.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -glove paint chippingFinally, the gloves. They also have a pearlescent coating, but the hinge on the wrist rubs that paint right off after minimal use. It’s a trade-off for the rest of the glove not being flat white so I can live with it.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review - holding lanternArticulation:  The Icons line packs more articulation than the standard DCC figure, allowing for some dynamic posing possibilities. I got a kick out of being able to easily get GL recharging his ring in the lantern.

The figure has:

  • neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrist
  • torso
  • abdomen
  • hips
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • shin
  • ankle

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -aiming ringHal not being able to raise his legs straight forward isn’t such a big deal with him since he’s much more of a range-style combatant anyway.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -arms outOne of the more consistent issues I’ve had with the line is a loose right bicep. Previous figures haven’t been so bad that I’ve felt the need to try and make any fixes, but for Green Lantern it quickly became an annoying issue. Ditto for the right glove. More on that in a second.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -accessories trayAccessories: I’ve opened many a figure this year and with just a few days left in 2015 I’m pretty sure I won’t find a figure with as many frustrating accessories.

Hal gets a few essential — regular Icons price — accessories. His lantern and another set of open hands. The lantern is a good size with the sculpted Corps logo on top and bottom while the handle fits securely in Hal’s open hands.  DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -large fistThe other is a slightly larger fist. While it’s not all that exciting, it’s a construct I could see Hal creating. It just needed a little more length to really be effective.

The big selling point with this figure however is the ability to max GL out with a massive hyper-jet style constructs. I’m not so in love with the idea as a random smattering of constructs would have been more my preference similar to the DC Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure 2Pack Hal Jordan Vs. Thaal Sinestro. In case you were curious like me, no the DC Classic constructs don’t work on Hal’s fist sadly.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -armored upI probably would have been more on board with the one construct piece if it worked better. As it is, it’s way more trouble than it’s worth. While it’s intended as one big piece, you could use the various parts as needed.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -armor construct rearThere’s

  • a set of wings
  • a cockpit
  • shoulder pads
  • missile launcher
  • machine gun turrent
  • thigh pads
  • armored boots

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -armor construct in actionThe wings were murderous to fit into the cockpit. I managed to whiten one of the smaller wings trying to plug them in. Finally, I just soaked them in some hot water to get in the sockets. I wish the figure joints were as tight. With the spinning biceps, keeping the arm cannons from twisting around proved very challenging while the shoulder pads would fall off with the slightest glance.

To put the cannons on the figure, you need to remove the gloves. On the right hand, that glove piece wasn’t secure enough and frequently would twist off whenever I started moving the arm and wrist to pose him. Not good.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -cockpit upThe cockpit piece doesn’t offer much by way of stability. If you raise the cockpit part to reveal Hal, it topples off very easily. The cockpit and shoulder pads quickly had me so frustrated I was thisclose from Kylo Ren-ing the various pieces.

The thigh pads also required a soak in some hot water to split them to snap back around Hal’s legs. Getting them off also proved more than a little problematic.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -removing thigh constructThe one area I didn’t have any problem were the boots, which maybe Hal can use to race The Flash.

But beyond my initial lack of interest combined with the pieces’ near complete failure to stay on made this deluxe component of the set strike out big time for me.

Worth it? I paid $30 for the set, which was $5 more than a regular Icons figure. That’s a pretty fair increase for a deluxe figure provided those pieces work as you’d assume. In the end, the deluxe pieces were pretty useless with the sorta-giant fist being the only worthwhile construct piece. I’d rather Hal just had been a standard figure and save the expenses for pretty much anything else.

Rating: 8 out of 10

If the deluxe set increased the figures price by $10, I’d drop the rating to a 6. I could see myself possibly using the boots and a cannon … maybe, but I didn’t have to have them.

DC Icons Green Lantern figure review -with Batman and Green ArrowGreen Lantern on the other hand was an essential addition to my growing DC Icons line and it’s great to have another mainstay Justice League member. His added compatibility with the Green Lantern movie line was a welcome bonus. I’m going to assume I keep striking out with the right bicep joint, but it’s something DCC needs to improve on.

Where to get it? Check your local comic book store to grab them in person like I did at my area store Third Eye Comics or you can order from Lyles Movie Files affiliate Entertainment Earth.com: Order DC Icons Green Lantern Deluxe Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!

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