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Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review BAF Allfather

From a sheer depth of character selection, no figure line had a better year than Marvel Legends. From A- to D-Listers, Hasbro did a fantastic job of hitting every corner of the Marvel Universe.

One of those most unexpected and best executed surprising reveals was from the BAF Allfather wave — longtime Avenger member Machine Man. He’s one of those characters collectors just never thought would be possible for a mass market retail line yet here he is in the robotic flesh plastic. Let’s see how he stacks up.

Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - package backPackaging: For as great as 2015 has been, the Marvel Legends packaging remains my least favorite of the major figure lines. It’s dull with the red and black with the only unique aspect to it being the drawing on the side. MM shares packaging with Sentry under the Avenging Allies tag giving them an even more generic bio card write-up.

Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - wide picLikeness: Machine Man looks like he stepped straight out of the comics. I really like the headsculpt, which is reminiscent of Jack Kirby’s design especially noticeable in the face area with the high cheekbones and wide mouth. Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - expandable armsMy favorite part is the great execution on the eyes. They’ve been sculpted to capture the robotic eyes and really look unique.

With the reuse of the Daredevil/Black Panther body, Machine Man does have some fabric “folds,” but it’s not something you’d notice unless you looked close enough.

Scale: Using the standard buck, Machine Man is the regular height of a normal adult. The buck works well for the slender, Machine Man and he fits in perfectly with his fellow Avengers.Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - Thor, Machine Man, Ms. Marvel and HawkeyePaint: For the most part, Hasbro’s paintjob  this year have been exceptional. Machine Man’s is one of my favorite. Hasbro has done a great job with the more metallic, shiny paintjobs and with the purple swirly pearlescent visual, MM is very impressive and stands out with his color scheme.

Curiously, Hasbro left off the silver linings around the thighs, but it’s not something I’d remember if I didn’t check reference pictures.Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - Machine Man vs Radioactive ManArticulation:  I continue to appreciate the Marvel Legends articulation model. You can do pretty much everything you’d like with this body type.

MM has:

  • neck
  • shoulder
  • bicep
  • elbows
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • bootcuff
  • ankle

Like the Hawkeye figure, MM has the wobbly torso issue. It’s fixable enough with a clear rubber band, but still annoying. Otherwise the articulation is smooth as the Marvel Legends articulation scheme continues to be my favorite on the 6″ scale.Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - vs Ultron

Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - inner trayAccessories: To simulate MM’s powers, Hasbro added two bendable arm attachments. They snap in and out easily with the hands and have a decent amount of range. I kinda greedily wonder how Hasbro could have managed attempting the same attachment scheme with his legs or feet.

Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - BAF Thor armsAdditionally, MM gets two arms for the BAF Allfather. To encourage you to purchase both MM and his package mate Sentry, MM has the arms for the King Thor figure so he’s got one bare arm and one Destroyer arm.

Worth it? Machine Man is one of those characters in 2013 you’d never expect to have a figure and Hasbro did a bang up job with it. Right now you can get him for under $12, an outstanding deal for one of this year’s standout MLs.Machine Man Marvel Legends figure review - Machine Man vs AIM

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Where to get it? Machine Man is available right now on LMF affiliate partner for $11.10.  Marvel Legends Infinite Series Avenging Allies Machine Man 6 Inch Figure

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